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Marine Ecology Book Series

Marine EcologyA comprehensive, integrated Treatise on Life in Oceans and Coastal Waters.


It is a great pleasure for Inter-Research to herewith present in the form of open access the series “Marine Ecology” published by Wiley & Sons from 1970 to 1984. Wiley & Sons later graciously transferred the copyright to Otto Kinne.


This series was planned, organized, contributed to and edited by Otto Kinne. It is the first attempt in history to summarize and evaluate all essential information, available at the time of publication, on life in oceans and coastal waters.


While all contributions are integrated into a general concept, each represents an authentic account in its own right.

Marine Ecology is presented in 5 volumes:


Due to the large size of the files, we strongly recommend downloading them directly to your computer.

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Volume I: Environmental Factors summarizes and evaluates important information available on the responses of ocean and coastal-water living organisms to variations in the major abiotic components of the environment.

Part 1 (.pdf, 69.3 MB)

Chapter 1: Oceans and Coastal Waters as Life-supporting Environments (A. W. Collier)

Chapter 2: Light (N. G. Jerlow, W. Gunkel, J. A. Hellebust, E. Segal, J. H. S. Baxter)

Chapter 3: Temperature (O. Kinne, C. H. Oppenheimer, F. Gessner, J. R. Brett, E. T. Garside)

Part 2 (.pdf, 89.1 MB)

Chapter 4: Salinity (M. Kalle, R. A. MacLeod, F. Gessner, W. Schramm, O. Kinne, F. G. T. Holliday)

Chapter 5: Water Movement (R. Riedl, H. Schwenke)

Chapter 6: Turbidity (C. G. Wilber, G. Rheinheimer, E. Hagmeier)

Part 3 (.pdf, 65.9 MB)

Chapter 7: Substratum (S. A. Gerlach, C. E. ZoBell, E. J. F. Wood, C. den Hartog, M. C. Bacescu)

Chapter 8: Pressure (O. Kinne, R. Y. Morita, W. Vidaver, H. Flügel)

Chapter 9: Dissolved Gases (K. Kalle, G. Rheinheimer, W. Vidaver, F. J. Vernberg)

Chapter 10: Organic Substances (K. Kalle, W. Gunkel, G. E. Fogg, C. G. Wilber)

Chapter 11: Ionizing Radiation (W. A. Chipman)

Chapter 12: Factor Combinations (D. F. Alderice)


Volume II: Physiological Mechanisms deals with synthesis and transversion of organic material, regulation, evolution, and population genetics, as well as with orientation to environmental components in space and time.

Part 1 (.pdf, 48.2 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Volume II (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Mechanisms of Chemo-autotrophy (H. G. Schlegel)

Chapter 3: Mechanisms of Heterotrophy (T. J. Pandian)

Chapter 4: Mechanisms of Thermoregulation (R. Gilles)

Chapter 5: Mechanisms of Ion and Osmoregulation (R. Gilles)

Chapter 6: Mechanisms of Evolution and Population Genetics (J. L. Gooch)

Part 2 (.pdf, 75 MB)

Chapter 7: Orientation in Space: Plants (K. Seitz)

Chapter 8: Orientation in Space: Animals (H. Schöne, F. Creutzberg, F.-W. Tesch, O. Kinne)

Chapter 9: Orientation in Time: Endogenous Clocks (J. T. Enright)


Volume III: Cultivation reviews the information that has accumulated on our capacity for supporting marine micro-organisms, plants, and animals under environmental and nutritive conditions that are, to a considerable degree, controlled.

Part 1 (.pdf, 104.5 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Volume III (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Cultivation of Marine Organisms: Water-quality Management and Technology (O. Kinne)

Chapter 3: Cultivation of Micro-organisms (K. Gundersen, J. Schneider, H.-G. Hoppe)

Chapter 4: Cultivation of Plants (R. Ukeles, S. Bonotto)

Part 2 (.pdf, 100.7 MB)

Chapter 5: Cultivation of Animals (O. Kinne)

Part 3 (.pdf, 59.7 MB)

Chapter 5.1: Cultivation of Animals (L. Provasoli, O. Kinne, H. Rosenthal)

Chapter 6: Multispecies Cultures and Microcosms (M. Lewandowski)

Chapter 7: Chemical Contamination of Culture Media: Assessment, Avoidance and Control (M. Bernhard)


Volume IV: Dynamics focuses on production, transformation, and decomposition of organic matter in the marine environment, as well as on food webs and population dynamics.

Volume 4 (.pdf, 140.6 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Volume IV (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Production in Plant Populations (Z. Z. Finenko)

Chapter 3: Production in Animal Populations (V. N. Greze)

Chapter 4: Production of Dissolved Organic Matter (P. J. Wangersky)

Chapter 5: Transformation of Organic Matter (R. J. Conover)

Chapter 6: Decomposition of Organic Matter and Nutrient Regeneration (Y. I. Sorokin)

Chapter 7: General Concepts of Population Dynamics and Food Links (R. Margalef)


Volume V: Ocean Management is the final volume in the series, and introduces the readers to man’s use of oceans and coastal waters for his own ends. It describes and evaluates all the essential information available on structures and functions of inter-organismic coexistence; on organic resources of the seas; on pollution of marine habitats and on the protection of life in oceans and coastal waters.

Part 1 (.pdf, 128.2 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Part 1 – Zonations and Organismic Assemblages (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Zonations (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 3: General Features of Organismic Assemblages in the Pelagial and Benthal (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 4: Structure and Dynamics of Assemblages in the Pelagial (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 5: Structure and Dynamics of Assemblages in the Benthal (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 6: Major Pelagic Assemblages (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 7: Specific Pelagic Assemblages (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 8: Major Benthic Assemblages (J. M. Pérès)

Chapter 9: Specific Benthic Assemblages (J. M. Pérès)

Part 2 (.pdf, 36.4 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Part 2 – Ecosystems and Organic Resources (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Ecosystems of the Open Sea (M. E. Vinogradow)

Chapter 3: Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems (J. W. Hedgpeth, J. G. Field)

Chapter 4: World Resources of Marine Plants (G. Michanek)

Chapter 5: World Resources of Fisheries and Their Management (J. A. Gulland)

Part 3 (.pdf, 27.1 MB)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Part 3 – Pollution and Protection of the Seas (O. Kinne)

Chapter 2: Contamination due to Radioactive Materials (D. S. Woodhead)

Chapter 3: Heavy Metals and their Compounds (G. W. Bryan)

Chapter 4: Oil and Oil Dispersants (R. Johnston)

Part 4 (.pdf, 42.4 MB)

Chapter 5: Introduction to Part 4 – Pesticides, Domestic Wastes, and Thermal Deformation (O. Kinne)

Chapter 6: Pesticides and Technical Organic Chemicals (W. Ernst)

Chapter 7: Domestic Wastes (D. J. Reish)

Chapter 8: Thermal Deformations (P. R. O. Barnett, B. L. S. Hardy)