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Modern humanity desecrates creation. If we do not change, we shall vanish. Change requires a more realistic concept of ourselves and of the world around us. Top Books aims to assist in bringing about such change by incorporating the knowledge and insight of natural scientists into works of literature (novels, plays, scripts; in English or German) intended to capture the attention of a large audience.


Authors interested in publishing in Top Books (in English or German) please contact Inter-Research. E-mail: ir(at)int-res(dot)com

Suchen im Park

In the first book, the novel Suchen im Park, Otto Kinne (a biologist and ecologist) creates a fascinating portrait of the human world. On a virtual stage, the park, nine actors personify human drives, desires, experiences and insights. Oscillating between self-realization, self-control and thirst for knowledge they struggle for a better understanding of the world within and around them and for a renewal of the relations between nature, god and humanity. The blend of scientific knowledge, fantasy and vision results in a publication that outlines inspiring new thought and perspective. Main topics: instincts, voyeurism, ethics, religion, church, philosophy, art, science, limits of cognitive capacities.


First edition, print version © 1996.

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Top Books/Inter-Research; ISBN 3-9805097-0-2; 574 pages




In the second book, the play Anna, Jörg Friedrich (a nuclear physicist) constructs a captivating scenario unleashed by a sudden, monumental danger from outer space. Friedrich demonstrates how helpless the mightiest creature on earth can be when quick and effective co-operation between scientists, politicians and the military is required to save humanity and, in fact, most other life on this planet. Has evolution produced a life form in Homo sapiens that is capable of unparalleled scientific-technological achievement and a towering ecological dominance, but unable to avert its own annihilation?


First edition, print version © 1998.

Second edition, electronic version © 2010; (free download for personal use: pdf, 1MB; sale not permitted)


Top Books/Inter-Research; ISBN 3-9805097-1-0; 106 pages

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To order a Top Book, use our on-line order forms for Suchen im Park or for Anna, or contact Top Books in Inter-Research (Nordbünte 23, D-21385 Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany. Tel: +49 4132 7127, Fax: +49 4132 8883, E-mail: ir(at)int-res(dot)com) or your local bookstore.


'Suchen im Park': Print version Euro 25; 574 pages, ISBN: 3-9805097-0-2

'Anna': Print version. Euro 13; 106 pages, ISBN: 3-9805097-1-0


How to cite a Top Book - An example:

Kinne O (1996) Suchen im Park. Top Books/Inter-Research, Oldendorf/Luhe