Call for nominations

ECI and IRPE Prize Winners


The ECI and IRPE Prizes

Since 1986 the International Ecology Institute in Oldendorf/Luhe (Germany) has selected each year (biennially from 2019) two top performers in the field of ecology: the winner of the Ecology Institute Prize (which carries an endowment of €6000) and the winner of the IRPE Prize (which carries an endowment of €3000). 


The Prize Winners are selected by a jury consisting of 7 distinguished ecologists, chosen by the ECI’s Honorary Director. 


The prizes are awarded in annual (biennial from 2019) sequence to a marine, terrestrial or freshwater ecologist distinguished by outstanding and sustained scientific achievements. The ECI Prize both honours the recipient and requires him or her to serve science and society by authoring a book published in the series “Excellence in Ecology” (EE) and made available worldwide on a non-profit basis. The expectation is that the book will be published within four years of the award of the prize. The books present the personal experiences, insights and visions of their authors. These should criticize freely, and courageously formulate new scientific concepts. EE books are often donated to libraries in developing countries. The IRPE Prize honours a young ecologist (not older than 40 years of age, or within 10 years post-submission of PhD) who has published uniquely independent, original and/or challenging research representing an important scientific breakthrough, and/or who must work under particularly challenging conditions.


ECI prize winners, their major achievements and their EE book titles are listed under ECI Prize Winners. IRPE prize winners and their major achievements are listed under IRPE Prize. The aims of the International Ecology Institute are summarized at International Ecology Institute.


Call for Nominations for ECI and IRPE Prize Winners 2019 in marine ecology

Nominations are invited from research ecologists worldwide. Candidates must be in agreement with the nomination, and (ECI Prize) with the attached requirement to write a book. Nominations should include a brief statement why, in the opinion of the nominator, the nominee qualifies for the prize, as well as the candidate's CV, publication list; and for the ECI Prize, a short outline of the book that the candidate would wish to write if successful, with an expected completion date. Nominations should be addressed to the Administrative Assistant, Angela Fromm (angela(at)


Deadline for nominations: 30 April 2019



Otto Kinne Foundation (OKF) Fellowships


Call for nominations for OKF Fellows

Nominations must be addressed to the OKF President: Dr. Anna Pasternak, P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 36 Nakhimovskii prospekt, 117997 Moscow, Russia, E-mail: pasternakanna(at) They should be accompanied by a letter of support as well as a brief documentation of the nominee's performance. Nominations are invited from research ecologists from Eastern European countries listed on the Otto Kinne Foundation page.


Deadline for nominations: 30 September 2019



Election of OKF Fellows

OKF Fellows are elected by the Board of Trustees without distinction of race, religion, nationality or sex. Taking into consideration the annual amount of money available, fellows will be selected among those nominated by written agreement - or majority vote - among the 5 Expert Trustees. Selected OKF Fellows will be informed by the President. The support money will be disbursed by the Administrative Assistant, Angela Fromm (angela(at)