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ECI Prizes 2005

Participants in the ECI Prize Awarding Ceremony 2005:

ECI Prize Winner in terrestrial ecology: Prof. Robert D. Holt, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

IRPE Prize Winner in terrestrial ecology: Prof. Andrew Hector, University of Zürich, Switzerland


Chairman of the Jury: Prof. Michel Loreau, Paris, France


Member of the International Ecology Institute: Prof. Kurt Lillelund


Mayor of Oldendorf/Luhe: Günther Rund


For further photos see:

Front, from left: Helga Kinne*, Lynne Holt, Prof. Robert D. Holt, Prof. Otto Kinne*, Prof. Andrew Hector, Prof. Michel Loreau, Prof. Kurt Lillellund, Christiane Hart* 2nd Row: Günter Rund, Helga Witt*, Prof. Howard I. Browman* 3rd Row: Clare Lehane*, Marianne Hiller*, Claire Pritchard*, Bill Neel*, John Austin* 4th Row: Sandra Hammer*, Matthias Dirbach*, Nate Russell*, Jutta Lillelund, Matthias Seaman* *Members of Inter-Research