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ECI Prizes 2008

The ECI Jury under the chairmanship of Prof. Robert D. Holt has elected Prof. Monica G. Turner as ECI Prize Winner 2008 and Dr. Campbell O. Webb as IRPE Prize Winner 2008.

The Prize documents were handed over during the Prize Awarding Ceremony on October 8, 2008 in Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany.


ECI Prize Winner in terrestrial ecology: Prof. Dr. Monica G. Turner, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA


IRPE Prize Winner in terrestrial ecology: Dr. Campbell O. Webb, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


Chairman of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Robert D. Holt, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA


Participants in the ECI Prize Awarding Ceremony 2008:


For further photos see:

Group Photo: Front, from left: Nikolas Sliester (son of Dr. Stephanie Suhr-Sliester*), Christiane Hart*, Helga Kinne* 2nd Row: Dr. Stephan Kinne (Son of Prof. Kinne, Hamburg, Germany), Birgit Kinne (Wife of Dr. Stephan Kinne, Hamburg, Germany), Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Otto Kinne* (Director of the International Ecology Institute, Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany), IRPE Prize Winner: Dr. Campbell O. Webb (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), ECI Prize Winner: Prof. Monica G. Turner (Madison, Wisconsin, USA), ECI Jury Chair: Prof. Robert D. Holt (Gainesville, Florida, USA), Claire Pritchard*, Ivor George*, Jutta Lillelund (Hamburg, Germany), Prof. Kurt Lillelund (Hamburg, Germany) 3rd row: Ralf Pohland*, Jacky Webb (Mother of IRPE Prize Winner Dr. Campbell O. Webb, Sussex, United Kingdom), Dr. Hans Jürgen Böhmer (Bonn, Germany), Dr. Hans Heinrich Janssen*, Dr. Kinari Webb (Wife of IRPE Prize Winner: Dr. Campbell O. Webb, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), Dr. Christopher Philipson (Zürich, Switzerland), Dr. Simone Schlagman*, Justin Mellersh*, Angela Fromm*, Karen Smetacek (AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany), Ute Adam*, Prof. Dr. Victor Smetacek (AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany), Matthias Dirbach*, Svenja Klimpel (Düsseldorf, Germany), Dr. Sven Klimpel (Düsseldorf, Germany) 4th Row: Dr. Stephanie Suhr-Sliester*, John Austin*, Linda Froome*, Günter Rund (Honorary Mayor of Oldendorf, Germany), Konstantin Kambach*, Darek Dziwisch*, Cathy Fesefeldt*, Tim St. Clair* *Members of Inter-Research