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ECI Prizes 2016

The ECI Jury under the chairmanship of Prof. Christine Maggs elected Prof. Jane Lubchenco as ECI prize winner 2016 and Prof. Mary I. O'Connor as IRPE prize winner 2016.

The Prize documents were handed over during the Prize Awarding Ceremony on November 16, 2016 in Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany.



ECI Prize Winner in marine ecology: Prof. Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA


IRPE Prize Winner in marine ecology: Prof. Mary I. O'Connor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Chairman of the Jury: Prof. Christine Maggs


Participants in the ECI Prize Awarding Ceremony 2016:

Front Row: Mirta Teichberg, Christine Maggs, Helga Kinne, William Eaton, Mary O'Connor, Jane Lubchenco

Second Row: Karen Smetacek, Victor Smetacek, Linda Froome, Sandra Hammer, Natalie Striepe, Justin Mellersh

Third Row: Volker Kraft, Ivor George, Tim St. Clair, Annabelle Meyer, Nicole Taros, Susanne Schüller, Bruce Menge, Christine Paetzold, Myron Peck

Back Row: Halina Cituk, Tino Kambach, Florian Schlenker, Darek Dziwisch, Marian Cituk, Heiko Scheibner, John Austin, Melanie Overbeck, Cathy Fesefeldt, Ian Stewart

The two prize winners: Mary O'Connor (l.) and Janet Lubchenco (r.)

Refreshments before the Prize Awarding. (l.–r.) Mirta Teichberg, Florian Schlenker, John Austin, William Eaton, Karen Smetacek, Jane Lubchenco, Bruce Menge , Suse Schüller, Cathy Fesefeldt

Victor Smetacek as Master of Ceremonies

Christine Maggs (ECI Jury Chair) presenting the Laudatio for Jane Lubchenco

Jane Lubchenco delivering her presentation. Front row: Victor Smetacek, Helga Kinne, Mary O'Connor

Helga Kinne (l.) presents the ECI Prize to Jane Lubchenco (r.)

Mary O'Connor delivers her presentation

Helga Kinne (l.) presents the IRPE Prize to Mary O'Connor (r.)

Victor Smetacek makes the closing remarks

(i.–r.) Bruce Menge, Helga Kinne, Jane Lubchenco

Mary O'Connor, William Eaton