Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming articles

A 1891

Li W, Dolhi-Binder J, Cariani ZE, Morgan-Kiss RM

Drivers of protistan community autotrophy and heterotrophy in chemically stratified Antarctic lakes

Prepress abstract


A 1892

Sato M, Hashihama F

Assessment of potential phagotrophy by pico- and nanophytoplankton in the North Pacific Ocean using flow cytometry

Prepress abstract


A 1894

Hagman CHC, Skjelbred B, Thrane JE, Andersen T, de Wit HA

Growth responses of the nuisance algae Gonyostomum semen ((Ehrenberg) Diesing, Raphidophyceae) to DOC and associated alterations of light quality and quantity

Prepress abstract


A 1895

Weston RLA, Perissinotto R, Rishworth GM, Steyn PP

Benthic microalgal variability associated with peritidal stromatolite microhabitats along the South African coast

Prepress abstract


A 1896

Hagemann M, Möke F, Springer A, Westermann L, Frank M, Wasmund N, Bauwe H

Cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena strain CCY9414 accumulates polyphosphate under long-term P-limiting conditions

Prepress abstract


A 1897

Villéger S, Fouilland E, Argenty J, Bouvier C, Carré C, Bouvier T

Interspecific differences in the effect of fish on marine microbial plankton

Prepress abstract


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