Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

C 1479

Stott T, Dercon G

Impact of climate change on land, water and ecosystem quality in polar and mountainous regions: gaps in our knowledge

Prepress abstract


C 1509

Trnka M, Hayes M, Jurečka F, Bartošová L, Anderson M, Brázdil R, Brown J, Camarero JJ, Cudlín P, Dobrovolný P, Eitzinger J, Feng S, Finnessey T, Gregorič G, Havlik P, Hain C, Holman I, Johnson D, Kersebaum KC, Ljungqvist FC, Luterbacher J, Micale F, Hartl-Meier C, Možný M, Nejedlik P, Olesen JE, Ruiz-Ramos M, Rötter RP, Senay G, Serrano SMV, Svoboda M, Susnik A, Tadesse T, Vizina A, Wardlow B, Žalud Z, Büntgen U

Priority questions in multidisciplinary drought research

Prepress abstract


C 1512

Rahimpour Golroudbary V, Zeng Y, Mannaerts CM, Su Z

Urban impact on air temperature and precipitation over the Netherlands

Prepress abstract


C 1517

Baronetti A, Acquaotta F, Fratianni S

Rainfall variability from a dense rain gauge network in North -West Italy

Prepress abstract


C 1518

Weidinger J, Gerlitz L, Bechtel B, Böhner J

Statistical modelling of snow cover dynamics in the Central Himalaya Region, Nepal

Prepress abstract


C 1519

Peña-Gallardo M, Vicente-Serrano SM, Domínguez-Castro F, Quiring S, Svoboda M, Beguería S, Hannaford J

Effectiveness of drought indices in identifying impacts on major crops over the USA

Prepress abstract


C 1520

Ruane AC, Antle J, Elliott J, Folberth C, Hoogenboom G, Mason-D’Croz D, Müller C, Porter C, Phillips MM, Raymundo RM, Sands R, Valdivia RO, White JW, Wiebe K, Rosenzweig C

Biophysical and economic implications for agriculture of +1.5 and +2.0°C global warming using AgMIP Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments

Prepress abstract


C 1521

Costa R, Fraga H, Fernandes PM, Santos JA

Climate-driven variability in vegetation greenness over Portugal

Prepress abstract


C 1522

Dienst M, Lindén J, Esper J

Determination of the urban heat island intensity in villages and its connection to land cover in three European climate zones

Prepress abstract


C 1523

Zhan YJ, Ren GY, Yang S

Change in precipitation over the Asian continent from 1901 to 2016 based on a new multi-source dataset

Prepress abstract


C 1524

Bedeke SB, Vanhove W, Wordofa MG, Natarajan K, Van Damme P

Perception of and response to climate change by maize-dependent smallholders

Prepress abstract


C 1525

Büntgen U, Krusic PJ

Pursuing autumnal climate change ecology

Prepress abstract


C 1526

Guo G, Fang K, Li J, Linderholm HW, Li D, Zhou F, Dong Z, Li Y, Wang L

Increasing intrinsic water-use efficiency over the past 160 years does not stimulate tree growth in southeastern China

Prepress abstract


C 1527

Du M, Zhang M, Wang S, Che Y, Wang J, Ma R, Yang S

Precipitation measurement biases in an arid setting of central Asia: using different methods to divide precipitation types

Prepress abstract


C 1528

Libanda B, Ngonga C

Projection of frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation in Zambia: A CMIP5 Study

Prepress abstract


C 1529

Miller PW, Mote TL, Ramseyer CA, Van Beusekom AE, Scholl M, González G

A 42 year inference of cloud base height trends in the Luquillo Mountains of northeastern Puerto Rico

Prepress abstract


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