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Climate Research

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Climate Research

A major environmental journal, CR invites papers on all aspects of the interactions of climate with organisms, ecosystems and human societies. It strives for the same high quality characteristics of other Inter-Research journals.

CR issues are built online, with articles appearing individually as soon as editorial modifications are approved by the authors and without waiting for an issue to be full. Production time is thus further reduced. Issues are printed when complete.

As of 1 January 2021, CR is a Plan S Transformative Journal committed to increasing the proportion of OA research content by at least 5% in absolute terms and at least 15% in relative terms, year-on-year. When 75% of the research content is published OA, the journal will “flip” to full OA. During the transformation process, which lasts until 31 December 2024, CR may be financially supported by cOAlition S funders.

Print : ISSN 0936-577X

Online : ISSN 1616-1572

All volumes listed according to subscription year.

2021: 84
2020: 81 82 83
2019: 78(1) 78(2) 78(3) 79(1) 79(2) 79(3) 80(1) 80(2) 80(3)
2018: 74(1) 74(2) 74(3) 75(1) 75(2) 75(3) 76(1) 76(2) 76(3) 77(1) 77(2) 77(3)
2017: 70(1) 70(2-3) 71(1) 71(2) 71(3) 72(1) 72(2) 72(3) 73(1-2) 73(3)

Early volumes (more than five years since publication) are freely accessible to all users.

In-press articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

C 1666
Nayak S, Mandal M, Maity S
Assessing the impact of Land-use and Land-cover changes on the climate over India using a Regional Climate Model (RegCM4)
Prepress abstract

C 1667
Guo LP, Chen XL, Liao KT, He Y, Zheng Th, Nie XF, Xu BS, Zhang LC, Luo ZJ
Spatiotemporal variation of erosive rainfall and its influence on sediment discharge in the Ganjiang River Basin
Prepress abstract

C 1668
Peeters B, Ønvik Pedersen Å, Veiberg V, Bremset Hansen B
Hunting quotas, selectivity and stochastic population dynamics challenge the management of wild reindeer
Prepress abstract

C 1670
Jong SI, Om KC, Pak YI
Influences of atmospheric circulation patterns on interannual variability of winter precipitation over the northern part of the Korean Peninsula
Prepress abstract

C 1671
Ajay P, Pathak B, Bhuyan PK, Solmon F, Giorgi F
Sectoral emission contribution to anthropogenic aerosol scenario over the Indian subcontinent and effect of mitigation on air quality, climate and health
Prepress abstract

C 1672
Todhunter PE, DeVries R
Climate change assessment using spatial climate datasets: Theodore Roosevelt National Park (South Unit), 1895–2019
Prepress abstract

C 1673
Collazo S, Barrucand M, Rusticucci M
Association between El Niño and extreme temperatures in southern South America in CMIP5 models. Part 2: future climate projections
Prepress abstract

C 1674
Sheikh Z, Moghaddam Nia A, Han D
Climate change impact assessment on low streamflows using cross-entropy methods
Prepress abstract

C 1675
Amaral ICF, Libonati R, Palmeira ACPA, Ramos AM
Ranking of daily precipitation extreme events over oil pipelines in Rio de Janeiro
Prepress abstract

C 1676
Beaugrand G, Faillettaz R, Kirby RR
The recently suggested absence of an internal multidecadal oscillation in the North Atlantic has consequences for anticipating the future of marine ecosystems
Prepress abstract

C 1677
Shi J, Cui L
Comparison of seasonal climate in China during the cold and warm phases of ENSO
Prepress abstract

C 1678
Munir Z, Shrestha S, Zaman M, Khan MI, Akram MM, Tahir MN
Assessment of climate change impact on wheat yield: a multi-modeling case study of central Punjab, Pakistan
Prepress abstract

C 1679
Reboita MS, Kiani RS, Ali S, Khan T
Projections of wind power density in Pakistan and adjacent regions
Prepress abstract

last update: October 6, 2021