Climate Research Vol. 3 Nos. 1-2 (1993)

Management of the terrestrial biosphere to sequester atmospheric CO2


Publication date: August 30, 1993

Guest Editors:

Sandra Henderson and Robert K. Dixon



This Climate Research Special is a major compilation of papers which includes work by scientists with expertise in the carbon dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems. The contributions cover carbon models, agroforestry, land management considerations, economic and policy implications, and the need for public education.


The Special represents the most comprehensive coverage to date of current thinking by scientists engaged in research addressing the management of the terrestrial biosphere to sequester atmospheric CO2







Wisniewski J, Dixon RK, Kinsman JD, Sampson RN, Lugo AE

Carbon dioxide sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems

CR 3:1-5 | Full text in pdf format



Cropper WP Jr, Gholz HL

Constructing a seasonal carbon balance for a forest ecosystem

CR 3:7-12 | Full text in pdf format



Kolchugina TP, Vinson TS

Carbon balance of the continuous permafrost zone of Russia

CR 3:13-21 | Full text in pdf format



Terrestrial Management


Iverson LR, Brown S, Grainger A, Prasad A, Liu D

Carbon sequestration in tropical Asia: an assessment of technically suitable forest lands using geographic information systems analysis

CR 3:23-38 | Full text in pdf format



Unruh JD, Houghton RA, Lefebvre PA

Carbon storage in agroforestry: an estimate for sub-Saharan Africa

CR 3:39-52 | Full text in pdf format



Schroeder P

Agroforestry systems: integrated land use to store and conserve carbon

CR 3:53-60 | Full text in pdf format



King GA

Conceptual approaches for incorporating climatic change into the development of forest management options for sequestering carbon

CR 3:61-78 | Full text in pdf format



Leemans R, Solomon AM

Modeling the potential change in yield and distribution of the earth's crops under a warmed climate

CR 3:79-96 | Full text in pdf format



Cramer WP, Solomon AM

Climatic classification and future global redistribution of agricultural land

CR 3:97-110 | Full text in pdf format



Science and Policy Interactions


Winjum JK, Lewis DK

Forest management and the economics of carbon storage: the nonfinancial component

CR 3:111-119 | Full text in pdf format



Winnett SM, Haynes RW, Hohenstein WG

Economic impacts of individual climate change mitigation options in the U.S. forest sector

CR 3:121-128 | Full text in pdf format



Trexler MC, Meganck R

Biotic carbon offset programs: sponsors of or impediment to economic development?

CR 3:129-136 | Full text in pdf format



Henderson S, Holman SR

Global climate change education: technology transfer to schools

CR 3:137-140 | Full text in pdf format




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