CR Special 11

Climate Research Vol. 19, No. 2 (2001)

Anthropological Perspectives and Policy Implications of Climate Change Research


Publication date: December 4, 2001

Guest Editors: John Magistro, Carla Roncoli, Mike Hulme

Micro-analytical perspectives on human-climate interaction can help link global climate processes to local human contexts. This CR SPECIAL provides contextual analyses across spatial scales of human - climate interactions and the global - local interface in Africa



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Magistro J, Roncoli C

Anthropological perspectives and policy implications of climate change research

CR 19:91-96 Full article in pdf format




Finan TJ, Nelson DR

Making rain, making roads, making do: public and private adaptations to drought in Ceará, Northeast Brazil

CR 19:97-108 Full article in pdf format


Vedwan N, Rhoades RE

Climate change in the Western Himalayas of India: a study of local perception and response

CR 19:109-117 Full article in pdf format


Roncoli C, Ingram K, Kirshen P

The costs and risks of coping with drought: livelihood impacts and farmers' responses in Burkina Faso

CR 19:119-132 Full article in pdf format


Magistro J, Lo M

Historical and human dimensions of climate variability and water resource constraint in the Senegal River Valley

CR 19:133-147 Full article in pdf format


Little PD, Mahmoud H, Coppock DL

When deserts flood: risk management and climatic processes among East African pastoralists

CR 19:149-159 Full article in pdf format


Galvin KA, Boone RB, Smith NM, Lynn SJ

Impacts of climate variability on East African pastoralists: linking social science and remote sensing

CR 19:161-172 Full article in pdf format


Malone EL, Rayner S

Role of the research standpoint in integrating global-scale and local-scale research

CR 19:173-178 Full article in pdf format