Climate Research Vol. 21, No. 3 (2002)

Climate Assessment for the Southwest


Publication date: July 16, 2002

Guest Editor: Brent Yarnal

Focussing on climate phenomena and the vulnerability of the southwest United States, CLIMAS (Climate Assessment Project for the Southwest) involves a continuing program drawing primarily from participatory research efforts. It summarizes and evaluates current knowledge and aims at contributing to a better understanding of regional dynamics and at supporting the work of decision makers.



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Bales R

Full article in pdf format




Liverman DM, Merideth R

Climate and society in the US Southwest: the context for a regional assessment

CR 21:199-218 Full article in pdf format


Sheppard PR,Comrie AC, Packin GD, Angersbach K, Hughes MK

The climate of the US Southwest

CR 21:219-238 Full article in pdf format


Hartmann HC, Bales R, Sorooshian S

Weather, climate, and hydrologic forecasting for the US Southwest: a survey

CR 21:239-258 Full article in pdf format


Pagano TC, Hartmann HC, Sorooshian S

Factors affecting seasonal forecast use in Arizona water management: a case study of the 1997-98 El Niño

CR 21:259-269 Full article in pdf format


Eakin H, Conley J

Climate variability and the vulnerability of ranching in southeastern Arizona: a pilot study

CR 21:271-281 Full article in pdf format


Morehouse BJ, Carter RH, Tschakert P

Sensitivity of urban water resources in Phoenix, Tucson, and Sierra Vista, Arizona, to severe drought

CR 21:283-297 Full article in pdf format


Finan TJ, West CT, Austin D, McGuire T

Processes of adaptation to climate variability: a case study from the US Southwest

CR 21:299-310 Full article in pdf format