Climate Research Vol. 31, No. 1 (2006)

Modelling the Impact of Climate Extremes


Publication date: June 26, 2006

Guest Editors: Clair Hanson, Jean Palutikof, Allen H. Perry

The MICE (Modelling the Impact of Climate Extremes) project analysed the effects of expected climate changes in Europe on the basis of output data from climate models. It focused on extreme temperatures, rainfall and storms, as well as their impacts on forests, energy use, and tourism. The results of MICE provide a baseline for future research on climate extremes and for managing the consequences of climate change.



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Palutikof J

CR 31:1 | Full text in pdf format




Santos J, Corte-Real J

Temperature extremes in Europe and wintertime large-scale atmospheric circulation: HadCM3 future scenarios

CR 31:3-18 | Full text in pdf format


Good P, Bärring L, Giannakopoulos C, Holt T, Palutikof J

Non-linear regional relationships between climate extremes and annual mean temperatures in model projections for 1961-2099 over Europe

CR 31:19-34 | Full text in pdf format


Bärring L, Holt T, Linderson ML, Radziejewski M, Moriondo M, Palutikof JP

Defining dry/wet spells for point observations, observed area averages, and regional climate model gridboxes in Europe

CR 31:35-49 | Full text in pdf format


Kundzewicz ZW, Radziejewski M, Pinskwar I

Precipitation extremes in the changing climate of Europe

CR 31:51-58 | Full text in pdf format


Leckebusch GC, Koffi B, Ulbrich U, Pinto JG, Spangehl T, Zacharias S

Analysis of frequency and intensity of European winter storm events from a multi-model perspective, at synoptic and regional scales

CR 31:59-74 | Full text in pdf format


Schlyter P, Stjernquist I, Bärring L, Jönsson AM, Nilsson C

Assessment of the impacts of climate change and weather extremes on boreal forests in northern Europe, focusing on Norway spruce

CR 31:75-84 | Full text in pdf format


Moriondo M, Good P, Durao R, Bindi M, Giannakopoulos C, Corte-Real J

Potential impact of climate change on fire risk in the Mediterranean area

CR 31:85-95 | Full text in pdf format


Giannakopoulos C, Psiloglou BE

Trends in energy load demand for Athens, Greece: weather and non-weather related factors

CR 31:97-108 | Full text in pdf format


Agnew MD, Palutikof JP

Impacts of short-term climate variability in the UK on demand for domestic and international tourism

CR 31:109-120 | Full text in pdf format


Hanson CE, Palutikof JP, Dlugolecki A, Giannakopoulos C

Bridging the gap between science and the stakeholder: the case of climate change research

CR 31:121-133 | Full text in pdf format