CR Special 5

Climate Research Vol. 11, No. 1 (1998)

Regional assessments of climate change and policy implications


Publication date: December 17, 1998

Co-edited by Laurence S. Kalkstein, Brent M. Yarnal, and Joel D. Scheraga


With the increasing interest in regional-scale impacts of climate change, this CR SPECIAL includes the work of leading scientists who have studied how climate change might impact particularly vulnerable regions around the world. Key topics include those which have been identified as particularly sensitive in a warmer world, and include: impacts on river basins, agricultural problems, forestry issues, regional health impacts, sea level rise implications, and others. With the upcoming development of the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the messages contained within this issue are most timely.



Bierbaum RM


CR 11:1-3 Full article in pdf format


Nicholls RJ, Mimura N

Regional issues raised by sea-level rise and their policy implications

CR 11:5-18 Full article in pdf format


Adams RM, Hurd BH, Lenhart S, Leary N

Effects of global climate change on world agriculture: an interpretive review

CR 11:19-30 Full article in pdf format


Woodward A, Hales S, Weinstein P

Climate change and human health in the Asia Pacific region: who will be most vulnerable?

CR 11:31-38 Full article in pdf format


Winnett SM

The potential effects of climate change on U.S. forests: a review

CR 11:39-49 Full article in pdf format


Pickup G

Desertification and climate change--the Australian perspective

CR 11:51-63 Full article in pdf format


Yarnal B

Integrated regional assessment and climate change impacts in river basins

CR 11:65-74 Full article in pdf format


Bord RJ, Fisher A, O'Connor RE

Public perceptions of global warming: United States and internation perspectives

CR 11:75-84 Full article in pdf format


Scheraga JD, Grambsch AE

Risks, opportunities and adaptation to climate change

CR 11:85-95 Full article in pdf format

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