CR Special 6

Climate Research Vol. 12, Nos. 2-3 (1999)

National assessment results of climate change: impacts and responses


Publication date: August 27, 1999

Guest Editor: Nobuo Mimura (Center for Water Environmental Studies, Ibaraki University, Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan)

Effective management of natural resources in the face of climate change relies on accurate assessment of and response to the resultant impacts. The articles in CR SPECIAL 6 cover geographical regions in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific. The subjects of impact and response assessment include water resources, coastal systems, forests, agriculture, land use, and human settlement and health. The SPECIAL serves as a record of the current status of the country studies and can also be used as a source for the IPCC assessment.






Jose AM, Cruz NA

Climate change impacts and responses in the Philippines: water resources

CR 12:77-84 Full article in pdf format


Alderwish A, Al-Eryani M

An approach for assessing the vulnerability of the water resources of Yemen to climate change

CR 12:85-89 Full article in pdf format


Hailemariam K

Impact of climate change on the water resources of Awash River Basin, Ethiopia

CR 12:91-96 Full article in pdf format




Perez RT, Amadore LA, Feir RB

Climate change impacts and responses in the Philippines coastal sector

CR 12:97-107 Full article in pdf format


Ali A

Climate change impacts and adaptation assessment in Bangladesh

CR 12:109-116 Full article in pdf format


El Raey M, Dewidar K, El Hattab M

Adaptation to the impacts of sea level rise in Egypt

CR 12:117-128 Full article in pdf format


Jallow BP, Toure S, Barrow MMK, Mathieu AA

Coastal zone of The Gambia and the Abidjan region in Côte d'Ivoire: sea level rise vulnerability, response strategies, and adaptation options

CR 12:129-136 Full article in pdf format


Mimura N

Vulnerability of island countries in the South Pacific to sea level rise and climate change

CR 12:137-143 Full article in pdf format




Amien I, Redjekiningrum P, Kartiwa B, Estiningtyas W

Simulated rice yields as affected by interannual climate variability and possible climate change in Java

CR 12:145-152 Full article in pdf format


Cuculeanu V, Marica A, Simota C

Climate change impact on agricultural crops and adaptation options in Romania

CR 12:153-160 Full article in pdf format


Alexandrov V

Vulnerability and adaptation of agronomic systems in Bulgaria

CR 12:161-173 Full article in pdf format


Karing P, Kallis A, Tooming H

Adaptation principles of agriculture to climate change

CR 12:175-183 Full article in pdf format


Hareau A, Hofstadter R, Saizar A

Vulnerability to climate change in Uruguay: potential impacts on the agricultural and coastal resource sectors and response capabilities

CR 12:185-193 Full article in pdf format




Siddiqui KM, Mohammad I, Ayaz M

Forest ecosystem climate change impact assessment and adaptation strategies for Pakistan

CR 12:195-203 Full article in pdf format


Nilson A, Kiviste A, Korjus H, Mihkelson S, Etverk I, Oja T

Impact of recent and future climate change on Estonian forestry and adaptation tools

CR 12:205-214 Full article in pdf format


Mkanda FX

Drought as an analogue climate change scenario for prediction of potential impacts on Malawi's wildlife habitats

CR 12:215-222 Full article in pdf format




Centella A, Gutiérrez T, Limia M, Jaspe RR

Climate change scenarios for impact assessment in Cuba

CR 12:223-230 Full article in pdf format

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