CR Special 8

Climate Research Vol. 17, No. 2 (2001)

Africa and Global Climate Change


Published: August 15, 2001

Guest Editor: Paul V. Desanker

This CR SPECIAL presents the latest climate change research for Africa. In particular it reports how climate has varied from palaeo time periods to the present, and what changes might be expected in the 21st century. Carbon, water and desertification are also discussed. Ideas are put forward for advancing national and regional integrated assessment models that will help incorporate climate change analysis and prediction in aspects of sustainable development, and that contribute to IPCC assessments.


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Hassan Virji, Brent Yarnal

Full article in pdf format




Desanker PV, Justice CO

Africa and global climate change: critical issues and suggestions for further research and integrated assessment modeling

CR 17:93-103 Full article in pdf format




Olago DO

Vegetation changes over palaeo-time scales in Africa

CR 17:105-121 Full article in pdf format


Nicholson SE

Climatic and environmental change in Africa during the last two centuries

CR 17:123-144 Full article in pdf format


Hulme M, Doherty R, Ngara T, New M, Lister D

African climate change: 1900-2100

CR 17:145-168 Full article in pdf format


Semazzi FHM, Song Y

A GCM study of climate change induced by deforestation in Africa

CR 17:169-182 Full article in pdf format


Cao M, Zhang Q, Shugart HH

Dynamic responses of African ecosystem carbon cycling to climate change

CR 17:183-193 Full article in pdf format


Dube OP, Pickup G

Effects of rainfall variability and communal and semi-commercial grazing on land cover in southern African rangelands

CR 17:195-208 Full article in pdf format


Feddema JJ, Freire S

Soil degradation, global warming and climate impacts

CR 17:209-216 Full article in pdf format


Gonzalez P

Desertification and a shift of forest species in the West African Sahel

CR 17:217-228 Full article in pdf format


Justice C, Wilkie D, Zhang Q, Brunner J, Donoghue C

Central African forests, carbon and climate change

CR 17:229-246 Full article in pdf format