CR Special 9

Climate Research Vol. 17, No. 3 (2001)

ACCORD: Atmospheric Circulation Classification and Regional Downscaling


Publication date: August 29, 2001

Guest Editors: Hans von Storch and Phil Jones

ACCORD Coordinators: Phil Jones, Clare Goodness and Trevor Davies

Objectives of the ACCORD project included the evaluation of existing circulation classification patterns, the development of new automated schemes, investigation of relationships between scales from the hemispheric through the North Atlantic Oscillation to the local, and exploration of long timescale changes in links between the classification schemes/indices and local temperature and precipitation.


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Jones P, Goodess C, Davies T Full article in pdf format




Reid PA, Jones PD, Brown O, Goodess CM, Davies TD

Assessments of the reliability of NCEP circulation data and relationships with surface climate by direct comparisons with station based data

CR 17:247-261 Full article in pdf format


Schmith T

Global warming signature in observed winter precipitation in Northwestern Europe?

CR 17:263-274 Full article in pdf format


Quadrelli R, Lazzeri M, Cacciamani C, Tibaldi S

Observed winter Alpine precipitation variability and links with large-scale circulation patterns

CR 17:275-284 Full article in pdf format


Plaut G, Schuepbach E, Doctor M

Heavy precipitation events over a few Alpine sub-regions and the links with large-scale circulation, 1971-1995

CR 17:285-302 Full article in pdf format


Plaut G, Simonnet E

Large-scale circulation classification, weather regimes, and local climate over France, the Alps and Western Europe

CR 17:303-324 Full article in pdf format


Simonnet E, Plaut G

Space-time analysis of geopotential height and SLP, intraseasonal oscillations, weather regimes, and local climates over the North Atlantic and Europe

CR 17:325-342 Full article in pdf format