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CR SPECIAL 'ASIAN' (in progress):

Satellite image taken on June 1, 2023, by the Fengyun No. 3 D, provided by National Satelite Meteorological Center, China Meteorological Administration



Observed changes in climate over Asia


Asia is the largest continent, containing more than half the world’s population, and is therefore an important geographical focus for researchers and policy makers concerned with climate change. However, observational studies of climate change in this region are lacking, particularly those focusing on the entire continent. This Climate Research (CR) Special contains the latest studies on observed changes in surface air temperature and precipitation over Asia, with an emphasis on long-term trends in mean and extreme climate over Asia, China, and the Yangtze River basin. All these studies are relevant to monitoring, detection and attribution of regional climate change, and are mostly based on the newly developed or updated surface observational datasets available from the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Contributions to this CR Special will be of interest to readers from a wide range of fields, and in particular to policy makers and researchers investigating climate change.

Status: submissions closed.


Organizer: Guoyu Ren

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhail Semenov

Editors: Eduardo Zorita, Oliver Frauenfeld


The Special will be published as a Virtual Special, i.e. papers are published without delay in regular issues and are simultaneously collated on this separate, online Virtual Special contents page.


Ren G, Zhan Y, Ren Y, Wen K, Zhang Y, Sun X, Zhang P, Zheng X, Qin Y, Zhang S, He J

Observed changes in temperature and precipitation over Asia, 1901–2020

Clim Res 90:31-43 | Full text in pdf format


Zhang S, Ren G, Zhan Y, Zhang C, Ren Y

Extreme precipitation changes over the Yangtze River Basin in 1901–2020

Clim Res 90:59-76 | Full text in pdf format


Wang P, Song C, Liu Y, Yang G, Wang J, Duan C, Ding Y

Decade-to-decade variations in summer precipitation patterns in eastern China since the 1960s: roles of water vapor transport and sea surface temperature

Clim Res 90:77-94 | Full text in pdf format


Wen K, Ren G, Ren Y, Cao L, Qin Y, Zhang P, He J, Xue X, Sun X

Long-term changes in surface air temperature over the Chinese mainland during 1901-2020

Clim Res 90:95-115 | Full text in pdf format


Zhan YJ, Ren GY

Change in mean and extreme precipitation in eastern China since 1901

Clim Res 91:1-19 | Full text in pdf format


He J, Ren G, Zhang P, Zheng X, Zhang S

Updated analysis of surface warming trends in North China based on in-depth homogenized data (1951-2020)

Clim Res 91:47-66 | Full text in pdf format


Sun X, Ren G, Ren Y, Lin W, Zhang P, Zhang S, Xue X

Asian climate warming since 1901: observation and simulation

Clim Res 91:67-82 | Full text in pdf format


Xue X, Ren G, Xu X, Zhang S

Spatial-temporal characteristics of tornadoes in China based on observational data of meteorological stations

Clim Res 91:83-96 | Full text in pdf format


Zheng X, Ren G, He J, Zhao Y, Ren Y, Yang G

Temporal characteristics of extreme high temperatures in Wuhan since 1881

CR 92:1-20 | Full text in pdf format


Qin Y, Ren G, Zhang P, Zhan Y, Zhang S, Xue X

Long-term trend of near-surface air temperature lapse rate over the Chinese mainland during 1961-2018

CR 92:21-31 | Full text in pdf format