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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO Specials are integrated multi-author analyses and syntheses initiated and coordinated by acknowledged experts. They highlight cutting-edge research areas or problems.

Editor(s): Jeffrey Shields, Bernd Sures
published in DAO Volume 136 No. 1, October 02, 2019

Editor(s): Ryan Carnegie, Marc Englesma, Stephen Feist
published in DAO Volume 110 No. 1-2, July 24, 2014

Editor(s): Don Behringer, Mark Butler, Grant Stentiford
published in DAO Volume 100 No. 2, August 27, 2012

Editor(s): Kiho Kim, Cathie A. Page, C. Drew Harvell
published in DAO Volume 87, No. 1-2, November 16, 2009

Editor(s): Alex Hyatt, Cynthia Carey, Andrew Cunningham, Rick Speare (Guest Editor)
published in DAO Volume 92 No. 2-3, November 25, 2010

Editor(s): Michael Moore
published in DAO Volume 81 No. 1, August 19, 2008

Editor(s): Howard I. Browman, Anne Berit Skiftesvik
published in DAO Volume 75 No. 2, May 4, 2007

Guest Editors: Ernesto Weil, Garriet Smith, Diego Gil-Agudelo
published in DAO Volume 69 No. 1, March 23, 2006
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If you are interested in proposing a Special, please contact the Managing Editor with a summary of the topic, proposed submission date and a list of expected contributions (authors, titles) if available.

Editor(s): Andrew C. Barnes
Organizers: Andrew C. Barnes, Peter Smith, David W. Verner-Jeffreys
Last edited: 08.05.2023