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ESR Special: Biologging in conservation
Photo: Hyago Luiz

Biologging in conservation


The miniaturisation of biologging devices has revolutionised the quantity, quality and types of data available for animals of ever decreasing body size. Following the ESR Specials Tracking vertebrates for conservation (2008) and Biologging technologies: new tools for conservation (2010), we sought to gather the current state-of-the-art in the field, including overviews of new and emerging technologies, approaches to data analysis and interpretation, and how these findings can inform management decisions and result in positive outcomes for endangered species.


Articles belonging to this Special were published upon completion in the respective volume of ESR. They are listed below as well as on the contents page of the respective volume of publication.


Status: Complete.


Organizer: Brendan Godley

Editors: Ana Cañadas, Eric Gilman, Brendan Godley, Mark Hamann, Matt Hayward, Sandra Hochscheid, Sasha Hooker, Rebecca Lewison, Michael Mahony, Eduardo Martins, Clive R. McMahon, Richard Reina, Rory Wilson


Orben RA, O’Connor AJ, Suryan RM, Ozaki K, Sato F, Deguchi T

Ontogenetic changes in at-sea distributions of immature short-tailed albatrosses Phoebastria albatrus

ESR 35:23-37 | Full text in pdf format


Laidre KL, Stern H, Born EW, Heagerty P, Atkinson S, Wiig Ø, Lunn NJ, Regehr EV, McGovern R, Dyck M
Changes in winter and spring resource selection by polar bears Ursus maritimus in Baffin Bay over two decades of sea-ice loss
ESR 36:1-14 | Full text in pdf format


Diamant S, Rohner CA, Kiszka JJ, Guillemain d’Echon A, Guillemain d’Echon T, Sourisseau E, Pierce SJ

Movements and habitat use of satellite-tagged whale sharks off western Madagascar
ESR 36:49-58 | Full text in pdf format


Beauchamp JS, Hart KM, Cherkiss MS, Mazzotti FJ
Variation in home range size and patterns in adult female American crocodiles Crocodylus acutus
ESR 36:161-171 | Full text in pdf format


Rehberg M, Jemison L, Womble JN, O’Corry-Crowe G

Winter movements and long-term dispersal of Steller sea lions in the Glacier Bay region of Southeast Alaska

ESR 37:11-24 | Full text in pdf format


Benjamins S, Fox CJ, Last K, McCarty CE

NOTE: Individual identification of flapper skate Dipturus intermedius using a baited camera lander

ESR 37:37-44 | Full text in pdf format


Muntifering JR, Ditmer MA, Stapleton S, Naidoo R, Harris TH

Hartmann’s mountain zebra resource selection and movement behavior within a large unprotected landscape in northwest Namibia

ESR 38:159-170 | Full text in pdf format


Senko JF, Megill WM, Brooks LB, Templeton RP, Koch V

Developing low-cost tags: assessing the ecological impacts of tethered tag technology on host species

ESR 39:255-268 | Full text in pdf format


Felis JJ, Adams J, Hodum PJ, Carle RD, Colodro V

Eastern Pacific migration strategies of pink-footed shearwaters Ardenna creatopus: implications for fisheries interactions and international conservation

ESR 39:269-282 | Full text in pdf format


Griffin LP, Finn JT, Diez C, Danylchuk AJ

Movements, connectivity, and space use of immature green turtles within coastal habitats of the Culebra Archipelago, Puerto Rico: implications for conservation

ESR 40:75-90 | Full text in pdf format


Pastor-Prieto M, Ramos R, Zajková Z, Reyes-González JM, Rivas ML, Ryan PG, González-Solís J

Spatial ecology, phenological variability and moulting patterns of the Endangered Atlantic petrel Pterodroma incerta

ESR 40:189-206 | Full text in pdf format


Araujo G, Legaspi CGM, Ferber S, Murray R, Burdett K, Grundy S, Labaja J, Snow S, Yaptinchay A, Ponzo A

In-water methods reveal population dynamics of a green turtle Chelonia mydas foraging aggregation in the Philippines

ESR 40:207-218 | Full text in pdf format


Cuevas E, Liceaga-Correa MA, Uribe-Martínez A

Ecological vulnerability of two sea turtle species in the Gulf of Mexico: an integrated spatial approach

ESR 40:337-356 | Full text in pdf format


Bishop AM, Dubel AK, Sattler R, Brown CL, Horning M

Wanted dead or alive: characterizing likelihood of juvenile Steller sea lion predation from diving and space use patterns

ESR 40:357-367 | Full text in pdf format