Cover Letter Requirements and Tips


The Cover Letter should:


  • State what article type is intended (Research Article, Review, Note, Comment, Reply Comment, Opinion Piece)
  • State why the submission is appropriate for the scope of the journal, including why the manuscript will be of interest to the journal’s readership
  • Provide a succinct (≤200 word) summary of the research question and the primary findings (the Cover Letter should be kept to 1 page if possible)
  • Emphasize timeliness and novel aspects of the work (this is particularly important for Notes)
  • State that all individuals listed as authors have: (1) agreed to be listed; (2) approve the submitted version of the manuscript. In one sentence, please (3) succinctly state how each author contributed to the research reported
  • State that the manuscript is not submitted elsewhere and is original
  • Include information on any publication outlets to which the manuscript was previously submitted
  • State the names of 6 potential reviewers, if possible. These persons should not have been associated with the study or be close collaborators of yours. State the names of any opposed Contributing Editors or potential reviewers and the reasons for opposing them