Guidelines to Authors on Figure Preparation

1. General. Figures are a very important part of an article. They must be designed with great care and presented in the best possible quality. They should not take up excessive space, but must nonetheless remain clear and uncluttered. When planning figures, take into account the page size of the journal (usable area is 169 x 225 mm, column width is 81 mm) and allow space for the legend; aim for either single-column width (81 mm) or full page width (169 mm). If several figures are of similar style, characteristics such as font type and size and line thickness should be kept consistent. In general, use the same font family (e.g. Helvetica or Arial) and overall style for all components in all figures of the manuscript. Graphs should be submitted at about double the intended final size. Lettering should be neither excessively small nor too large: a guideline size is that upper-case letters should be about 4 mm high, i.e. about 2 mm high after reduction to final size. Avoid very thin or very thick lines.


2. Line drawings and graphics should preferably be submitted in Adobe Illustrator, eps, wmf, pdf, Powerpoint or Excel format, or embedded in Word; other formats may be accepted on request (


3. Photographs (greyscale or colour) must have adequate resolution (at least 300 dpi at final size) and be free of jpg compression. Do not send scans. Preferred formats are Adobe Photoshop or tif(f); other formats may be accepted on request (


4. Cost of colour reproduction. Good quality colour illustrations are welcome. Inter-Research subsidises colour printing costs; no charge is made to authors, provided that the use of colour is appropriate.


5. How to send files. Upload or send figure files during the submission process, preferably as one file for all figures or embedded in the main text file. Higher quality figures may be required later for production, if the manuscript is accepted. Low quality scans, files in rare formats, and pictures from the Internet (e.g. .jpg) are unsuitable. Larger files for production may be uploaded to the Inter-Research ftp site at The site can be freely accessed, but please inform us before uploading anything.