Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 12793

Seroy SK, Grünbaum D

Individual and population level effects of ocean acidification on a predator-prey system with inducible defenses: bryozoan-nudibranch interactions in the Salish Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12803

Jørgensen LL, Primicerio R, Ingvaldsen RB, Fossheim M, Strelkova N, Thangstad TH, Manushin I, Zakharov D

Impact of multiple stressors on sea bed fauna in a warming Arctic

Prepress abstract

Forthcoming articles

M 12724

Veiga-Malta T, Szalaj D, Angélico MM, Azevedo M, Farias I, Garrido S, Lourenço S, Marçalo A, Marques V, Moreno A, Oliveira PB, Paiva VH, Prista N, Silva C, Sobrinho-Gonçalves L, Vingada J, Silva A

First representation of the trophic structure and functioning of the Portuguese continental shelf ecosystem: insights on the role of sardine

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12758

Valentine MM, Butler MJ IV

Sponges structure water column characteristics in shallow, tropical coastal ecosystems

Prepress abstract


M 12768

Gong Y, Ruiz-Cooley RI, Hunsicker ME, Li Y, Chen X

Sexual dimorphism in feeding apparatus and niche partitioning in juvenile jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas

Prepress abstract


M 12772

Munnelly RT, Reeves DB, Chesney EJ, Baltz DM, Marx BD

Habitat suitability for oil and gas platform-associated fishes in Louisiana’s nearshore waters

Prepress abstract


M 12774

Diop N, Zango L, Beard A, Ba CT, Ndiaye PI, Henry L, Clingham E, Oppel S, González-Solís J

Foraging ecology of tropicbirds breeding in two contrasting marine environments

Prepress abstract


M 12775

Denis J, Vincent D, Antajan E, Vallet C, Mestre J, Lefebvre V, Caboche J, Cordier R, Marchal P, Loots C

Gut fluorescence technique to quantify pigment feeding in Downs herring larvae

Prepress abstract


M 12778

Campanyà-Llovet N, Snelgrove PVR

Influence of phytodetrital quality on macroinfaunal community structure and epifaunal response

Prepress abstract


M 12781

Lefebvre A, Poisson-Caillault E

High resolution overview of phytoplankton spectral groups and hydrological conditions in the Eastern English Channel using unsupervised clustering

Prepress abstract


M 12783

Janiak DS, Osman RW, Freeman CJ, Paul VJ

Artificial structures versus mangrove prop roots: a general comparison of epifaunal communities within the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA

Prepress abstract


M 12784

Fournet MEH, Matthews LP, Gabriele CM, Haver S, Mellinger DK, Klinck H

Humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae alter calling behavior in response to natural sounds and vessel noise

Prepress abstract


M 12785

Lüskow F, Riisgård HU, Solovyeva V, Brewer JR

Seasonal changes in bacteria and phytoplankton biomass control the condition index of the demosponge Halichondria panicea in temperate Danish waters

Prepress abstract


M 12786

van Deurs M, Henriksen O, Jonasdottir S, MacKenzie BR, Nielsen KE, Mosegård H, Christensen A

Oceanographic flow-regime and fish recruitment - reversed circulation in the North Sea coincides with unusual strong sandeel recruitment

Prepress abstract


M 12787

Peabody CE, Thompson AR, Sax DF, Morse RE, Perretti CJ

Decadal regime shifts in southern California’s ichthyoplankton assemblage

Prepress abstract


M 12788

Daase M, Kosobokova K, Last KS, Cohen JH, Choquet M, Hatlebakk M, Søreide JE

New insights into the biology of Calanus spp. (Copepoda) males in the Arctic

Prepress abstract


M 12789

Kirchner T, Wiley DN, Hazen EL, Parks SE, Torres LG, Friedlaender AS

Hierarchical foraging movement of humpback whales relative to the structure of their prey

Prepress abstract


M 12790

Rees MJ, Knott NA, Davis AR

Habitat and seascape patterns drive spatial variability in temperate fish assemblages: implications for marine protected areas

Prepress abstract


M 12791

Delgado M, Hidalgo M, Puerta P, Sánchez-Leal R, Rueda L, Sobrino I

Concurrent changes in spatial distribution of the demersal community in response to climate variations in the southern Iberian coastal large marine ecosystem

Prepress abstract


M 12792

D’Aloia CC, Xuereb A, Fortin MJ, Bogdanowicz SM, Buston PM

Limited dispersal explains the spatial distribution of siblings in a reef fish population

Prepress abstract


M 12794

Zeeman Z, Branch GM, Pillay D

Comparisons of life-history traits of the alien invasive Semimytilus algosus and three other mytilid mussels on the West Coast of South Africa

Prepress abstract


M 12795

Carroll J, Lowerre-Barbieri SK

Interactions of dimorphic growth, reproductive behavior, and a size-regulated fishery: a case study using spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus

Prepress abstract


M 12796

Ramirez MD, Miller JA, Parks E, Avens L, Goshe LR, Seminoff JA, Snover ML, Heppell SS

Reconstructing sea turtle ontogenetic habitat shifts through trace element analysis of bone tissue

Prepress abstract


M 12797

Bangi HGP, Juinio-Meñez MA

Resource allocation trade-offs in the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla under relative storminess and wave exposure

Prepress abstract


M 12798

Shipley ON, Lee CS, Fisher NS, Burruss G, Frisk MG, Brooks EJ, Zuckerman ZC, Herrmann AD, Madigan DJ

Trophodynamics and mercury bioaccumulation in reef and open-ocean fishes from The Bahamas with a focus on two teleost predators

Prepress abstract


M 12799

Stortini CH, Frank KT, Leggett WC, Shackell NL, Boyce DG

Support for the trophic theory of island biogeography across submarine banks in a predator-depleted large marine ecosystem

Prepress abstract


M 12800

Ware C, Dijkstra JA, Mello K, Stevens A, O’Brien B, Ikedo W

A novel three dimensional analysis of functional-architecture that describes the properties of macroalgae as refuge

Prepress abstract


M 12801

Ballard G, Schmidt AE, Toniolo V, Veloz S, Jongsomjit D, Arrigo KR, Ainley DG

Fine-scale oceanographic features characterizing successful adélie penguin foraging in the SW Ross Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12802

Meyer J, Nehmer P, Kröncke I

Shifting southeastern North Sea macrofauna bioturbation potential over the past three decades: a response to increasing SST and regionally decreasing food supply

Prepress abstract


M 12804

Senokuchi R, Nomaki H, Watanabe HK, Kitahashi T, Ogawa NO, Shimanaga M

Chemoautotrophic food availability influences copepod assemblage composition at deep hydrothermal vent sites within sea knoll calderas in the northwestern Pacific

Prepress abstract


M 12805

Edmunds PJ, Adam TC, Baker AC, Doo SS, Glynn PW, Manzello DP, Silbiger NJ, Smith TB, Fong P

Why more comparative approaches are required in time-series analyses of coral reef ecosystems

Prepress abstract


M 12806

Menon NN, Sankar S, Smitha A, George G, Shalin S, Sathyendranath S, Platt T

Satellite chlorophyll concentration as an aid in understanding the dynamics of Indian oil sardine in the southeastern Arabian Sea

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12807

Watai M, Hiraoka Y, Ishihara T, Yamasaki I, Ota T, Ohshimo S, Strüssmann CA

Comparative analysis of the early growth history of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis from different spawning grounds

Prepress abstract


M 12808

Paquette L, Archambault P, Guichard F

From habitat geometry to ecosystem functions in marine mussel beds

Prepress abstract


M 12809

Rooper CN, Hoff GR, Stevenson DE, Orr JW, Spies IB

A predictive model for skate egg nursery habitat in the eastern Bering Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12810

Chappell PD, Armbrust EV, Barbeau KA, Bundy RM, Moffett JW, Vedamati J, Jenkins BD

Patterns of diatom diversity correlate with dissolved trace metal concentrations and longitudinal position in the northeast Pacific coastal-offshore transition zone

Prepress abstract


M 12811

Cleeland JB, Alderman R, Bindoff A, Lea MA, McMahon CR, Phillips RA, Raymond B, Sumner MD, Terauds A, Wotherspoon SJ, Hindell MA

Factors influencing the habitat use of sympatric albatrosses from Macquarie Island

Prepress abstract


M 12812

Desiderà E, Guidetti P, Panzalis P, Navone A, Valentini-Poirrier CA, Boissery P, Gervaise C, Di Iorio L

Acoustic fish communities: sound diversity of rocky habitats reflects fish species diversity

Prepress abstract


M 12813

Monczak A, Mueller C, Miller ME, Ji Y, Borgianini SA, Montie EW

Sound patterns of snapping shrimp, fish, and dolphins in an estuarine soundscape of the southeastern USA

Prepress abstract


M 12814

Le Fur I, De Wit R, Plus M, Oheix J, Derolez V, Simier M, Malet N, Ouisse V

Re-oligotrophication trajectories of macrophyte assemblages in Mediterranean coastal lagoons studied from 17-years’ time-series

Prepress abstract


M 12815

Mienis F, Bouma TJ, Witbaard R, van Oevelen D, Duineveld GCA

Experimental assessment of the effects of cold-water coral patches on water flow

Prepress abstract


M 12816

Beca-Carretero P, Guihéneuf F, Winters G, Stengel DB

Depth-induced adjustment of fatty acid and pigment composition suggests high biochemical plasticity in the tropical seagrass Halophila stipulacea

Prepress abstract


M 12817

Ziegler CM, Frisk MG

Flatfish utilize sediment blanket to facilitate thermoregulation

Prepress abstract


M 12818

Trujillo JE, Pardo LM, Vargas-Chacoff L, Valdivia N

Sharks in the forest: relationships between kelp physical-complexity attributes and egg deposition sites of the red-spotted catshark

Prepress abstract


M 12819

Morgan EA, Hassall C, Redfern CPF, Bevan RM, Hamer KC

Individuality of foraging behaviour in a short-ranging benthic marine predator: incidence and implications

Prepress abstract


M 12820

Silva TL, Fay G, Mooney TA, Robbins J, Weinrich MT, Carson CD, Cole TVN, Thompson MA, Wiley DN

Toothed whale habitat use in a marine protected area using point process models

Prepress abstract


M 12821

Grossman A, Daura-Jorge F, Silva MdB, Longo GO

Population parameters of green turtle adult males in the mixed ground of Atol das Rocas, Brazil

Prepress abstract


M 12823

Vozzo ML, Bishop MJ

Co-occurring secondary foundation species have distinct effects on the recruitment and survival of associated organisms

Prepress abstract


M 12824

Berezina NA, Maximov AA, Vladimirova OM

The influence of benthic invertebrates on the phosphorus flux at the sediment-water interface in the easternmost Baltic Sea

Prepress abstract


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