Forthcoming publications

Forthcoming articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.

Forthcoming feature articles

M 12646

Brooks MT, Coles VJ, Gower RRHJFR

Factors controlling the seasonal distribution of pelagic Sargassum

Prepress abstract

Forthcoming articles

M 12531

Fisher M, Hunter E

Digital imaging techniques in otolith data capture, analysis and interpretation

THEME SECTION: Innovative use of sclerochronology in marine resource management

Prepress abstract


M 12554

Rykaczewski RR

Changes in mesozooplankton size structure along a trophic gradient in the California Current Ecosystem and implications for small pelagic fish

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12562

de Carvalho-Souza GF, González-Ortegón E, Baldó F, Vilas C, Drake P, Llope M

Natural and anthropogenic drivers on the early life stages of European anchovy in one of its Essential Fish Habitats, the Guadalquivir estuary

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12574

Huret M, Tsiaras K, Daewel U, Skogen MD, Gatti P, Petitgas P, Somarakis S

Variation in life-history traits of European anchovy along a latitudinal gradient: a bioenergetics modelling approach

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12591

Coll M, Albo-Puigserver M, Navarro J, Palomera I, Dambacher JM

Who is to blame? Plausible pressures on small pelagic fish population changes in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea

THEME SECTION: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources: biology, management and human factors

Prepress abstract


M 12601

Lamare M, Harianto J, Uthicke S, Aguera A, Karelitz S, Pecorino D, Chin J, Byrne M

Larval thermal windows in native and hybrid Pseudoboletia progeny (Echinoidea) as potential drivers of the hybridization zone

Prepress abstract


M 12602

Sánchez S, Ibaibarriaga L, Uriarte A, Prellezo R, Andrés M, Abaunza P, Jardim E, Lehuta S, Pawlowski L, Roel B

Challenges of management strategy evaluation for small pelagic fish: the Bay of Biscay anchovy case study

Prepress abstract


M 12603

Keller AA, Frey PH, Wallace JR, Head MA, Wetzel CR, Cope JM, Harms JH

Canary rockfishes (Sebastes pinniger) return from the brink: catch, distribution and life history along the U.S. west coast (Washington to California)

Prepress abstract


M 12605

Doubleday ZA, Cliff J, Izzo C, Gillanders BM

Untapping the potential of sulfur isotope analysis in biominerals

THEME SECTION: Innovative use of sclerochronology in marine resource management

Prepress abstract


M 12608

McCabe MK, Navarrete SA

Reproductive investment in rocky intertidal mussels: spatial scales of variability, pattern persistence and examination of environmental determinants

Prepress abstract


M 12609

Gross C, Donoghue C, Pruitt C, Ruesink JL

Habitat use patterns and edge effects across a seagrass-unvegetated ecotone depend on species-specific behaviors and sampling methods

Prepress abstract


M 12610

Couturier LIE, Newman P, Jaine FRA, Bennett MB, Venables WN, Cagua EF, Townsend KA, Weeks SJ, Richardson AJ

Variation in occupancy and habitat use of Mobula alfredi at a major aggregation site

Prepress abstract


M 12611

Lee KA, Roughan M, Harcourt RG, Peddemors VM

Environmental correlates of relative abundance of potentially dangerous sharks in nearshore areas of southeastern Australia

Prepress abstract


M 12612

Proud R, Cox MJ, Le Guen C, Brierley AS

Fine-scale depth structure of pelagic communities throughout the global ocean based on acoustic sound scattering layers

Prepress abstract


M 12613

Carlucci R, Bandelj V, Ricci P, Capezzuto F, Sion L, Maiorano P, Tursi A, Solidoro C, Libralato S

Exploring spatio-temporal changes of the demersal and benthopelagic assemblages of the North-western Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean Sea)

Prepress abstract


M 12614

Dong Y, Li QP, Liu Z, Wu Z, Zhou W

Size-dependent phytoplankton growth and grazing in the northern South China Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12615

Huebert KB, Pätsch J, Hufnagl M, Kreus M, Peck MA

Modeled larval fish prey fields and growth rates help predict recruitment success of cod and anchovy in the North Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12616

Ottmann D, Grorud-Colvert K, Huntington B, Sponaugle S

Interannual and regional variability in settlement of groundfishes in Oregon’s protected and fished nearshore waters

Prepress abstract



M 12618

Kristensen ML, Righton D, Villar-Guerra Dd, Baktoft H, Aarestrup K

Temperature and depth preferences of adult sea trout Salmo trutta during the marine migration phase

Prepress abstract


M 12619

Armstrong CT, Erdner DL, McClelland JW, Sanderson MP, Anderson DM, Gobler CJ, Smith JL

Impact of nitrogen chemical form on the isotope signature and toxicity of a marine dinoflagellate

Prepress abstract


M 12620

Richardson JP, Lefcheck JS, Orth RJ

Warming temperatures alter the relative abundance and distribution of two co-occurring foundational seagrasses in Chesapeake Bay, USA

Prepress abstract


M 12622

Jiménez-Ramos R, Egea LG, Vergara JJ, Brun FG

Nutrient load and epiphytes are drivers of increased herbivory in seagrass communities

Prepress abstract


M 12623

Milewski I, Loucks RH, Fisher B, Smith RE, McCain JSP, Lotze HK

Sea-cage aquaculture impacts market and berried lobster (Homarus americanus) catches

Prepress abstract


M 12624

St. John Glew K, Wanless S, Harris MP, Daunt F, Erikstad KE, Strøm H, Trueman CN

Moult location and diet of auks in the North Sea, inferred from coupled light-based and isotope-based geolocation

Prepress abstract


M 12626

McMillan MN, Huveneers C, Semmens JM, Gillanders BM

Natural tags reveal populations of Conservation Dependent school shark use different pupping areas

Prepress abstract


M 12627

Volaric MP, Berg P, Reidenbach MA

Oxygen metabolism of intertidal oyster reefs measured by aquatic eddy covariance

Prepress abstract


M 12628

Valley JR, Emlet RB

Predator-induced morphologies and cue specificity in veliger larvae of Littorina scutulata

Prepress abstract


M 12629

Behrens JW, Svendsen JC, Neuenfeldt S, Andersen NG, van Deurs M

Individual variation in aerobic scope affects modelled vertical foraging migration in Atlantic cod Gadhus morhua, but only in moderate hypoxia

Prepress abstract


M 12632

Paul AJ, Sommer U, Paul C, Riebesell U

Baltic Sea diazotrophic cyanobacterium is negatively affected by acidification and warming

Prepress abstract


M 12633

Hancock JM, Vieira S, Jimenez V, Rio JC, Rebelo R

Stable isotopes reveal dietary differences and site fidelity in juvenile green turtles foraging around São Tomé island, West Central Africa

Prepress abstract


M 12634

Baudry J, Dumont D, Schloss IR

Turbulent mixing and phytoplankton life history: a Lagrangian versus Eulerian model comparison

Prepress abstract


M 12635

Gillis AJ, Ceriani SA, Seminoff JA, Fuentes MMPB

Foraging ecology and diet selection of juvenile green turtles in the Western Bahamas: insights from stable isotope analysis and prey mapping

Prepress abstract


M 12636

Yasuda T, Nagano N, Kitano H

Diel vertical migration of chub mackerel: preliminary evidence from a biologging study

Prepress abstract


M 12637

Krüger L, Pereira JM, Ramírez I, Ramos JA, Paiva VH

How the future climate will modulate the non-breeding distribution of a vulnerable gadfly petrel?

Prepress abstract


M 12638

Jeanniard-du-Dot TJ, Trites AW, Arnould JPY, Speakman JR, Guinet C

Trade-offs between foraging efficiency and pup feeding rate of lactating northern fur seals in a declining population

Prepress abstract


M 12639

White MM, Drapeau DT, Lubelczyk LC, Abel VC, Bowler BC, Balch WM

Calcification of an estuarine coccolithophore increases with ocean acidification when subjected to diurnally fluctuating carbonate chemistry

Prepress abstract


M 12640

Grüss A, Drexler MD, Ainsworth CH, Roberts JJ, Carmichael RH, Putman NF, Richards PM, Chancellor E, Babcock EA, Love MS

Improving the spatial allocation of marine mammal and sea turtle biomasses in spatially-explicit ecosystem models

Prepress abstract


M 12641

Michael KP, Shima JS

Four-year decline in Ostrea chilensis recruits per spawner in Foveaux Strait, New Zealand suggests a diminishing stock-recruitment relationship

Prepress abstract


M 12642

Somarakis S, Tsoukali S, Giannoulaki M, Schismenou E, Nikolioudakis N

Spawning stock, egg production and larval survival in relation to small pelagic fish recruitment

Prepress abstract


M 12643

Kim H, Lee DE, Ducklow HW

Mixing regime dependent causality between phytoplankton and bacteria in the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean ecosystem

Prepress abstract


M 12644

Briceño FA, Polymeropoulos ET, Fitzgibbon QP, Dambacher JM, Pecl GT

Changes in metabolic rate of spiny lobster under predation risk

Prepress abstract


M 12645

Enberg S, Majaneva M, Autio R, Blomster J, Rintala JM

Phases of microalgal succession in sea ice and the water column in the Baltic Sea from autumn to spring

Prepress abstract


M 12647

Hertz E, Trudel M, Carrasquilla-Henao M, Eisner L, Farley EV Jr, Moss JH, Murphy JM, Mazumder A

Oceanography and community structure drive zooplankton carbon and nitrogen dynamics in the eastern Bering Sea

Prepress abstract


M 12648

Miller KJ, Baird HP, van Oosterom J, Mondon J, King CK

Complex genetic structure revealed in the circum-Antarctic broadcast spawning sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri

Prepress abstract


M 12649

Wilson P, Thums M, Pattiaratchi C, Meekan M, Pendoley K, Fisher R, Whiting S

Artificial light disrupts the nearshore dispersal of neonate flatback turtles (Natator depressus)

Prepress abstract


M 12650

Thums M, Rossendell J, Guinea M, Ferreira LC

Horizontal and vertical movement behaviour of flatback turtles and spatial overlap with industrial development

Prepress abstract


M 12651

Cimino M, Colin P, Schramek T, Lindfield S, Domeier M, Terrill E

Oceanographic, acoustic, and remote approaches reveal the spatio-temporal dynamics of blackfin snapper at an aggregation site in Palau

Prepress abstract


M 12652

Quigley KM, Bay LK, Willis BL

Leveraging new knowledge of Symbiodinium community regulation in corals for conservation and reef restoration

Prepress abstract


M 12653

Meyer KS, Wheeler JD, Houlihan E, Mullineaux LS

Desperate planktotrophs: decreased settlement selectivity with age in competent eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) larvae

Prepress abstract


M 12654

Taylor J, Staufenbiel B, Soltwedel T, Bergmann M

Temporal trends in the biomass of three epibenthic invertebrates from the deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN (Fram Strait, Arctic Ocean)

Prepress abstract


M 12655

Rand PS

Pacific herring response to surface predators in Prince William Sound, Alaska

Prepress abstract


M 12656

Wise L, Galego C, Katara I, Marçalo A, Meirinho A, Monteiro SS, Oliveira N, Santos J, Rodrigues P, Araújo H, Vingada J, Silva A

Portuguese purse seine fishery spatial and resource overlap with top predators

Prepress abstract


M 12657

Hamabata T, Nishizawa H, Kawazu I, Kameda K, Kamezaki N, Hikida T

Stock composition of green turtles Chelonia mydas foraging in the Ryukyu Archipelago differs with size class

Prepress abstract


M 12658

De Meester N, Van Daele T, Van Malderen J, Monteiro L, Van Colen C, Derycke S, Moens T

Active and species-specific dispersal behaviour in a marine nematode cryptic species complex

Prepress abstract


M 12659

Breed GA, Cameron MF, Ver Hoef JM, Boveng PL, Whiting A, Frost KJ

Seasonal sea ice dynamics drive movement and migration of juvenile bearded seals (Erignathus barbatus)

Prepress abstract


M 12660

McGinty N, Barton AD, Record NR, Finkel ZV, Irwin AJ

Traits structure copepod niches in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean

Prepress abstract


M 12661

Pini-Fitzsimmons J, Knott NA, Brown C

Effects of food provisioning on site use in the short-tail stingray, Bathytoshia brevicaudata

Prepress abstract


M 12662

Färber L, Durant JM, Vindenes Y, Langangen Ø

Increased early offspring growth can offset the costs of long-distance spawning migration in fish

Prepress abstract


M 12663

Mäkelä A, Witte U, Archambault P

Short-term processing of ice algal and phytoplankton-derived carbon by Arctic benthic communities revealed through isotope labelling experiments

Prepress abstract


M 12665

Shahrestani S, Bi H

Settlement and survival of Chrysaora chesapeakei polyps: implications for adult abundance

Prepress abstract


M 12666

Lagarde F, Richard M, Bec B, Roques C, Mortreux S, Bernard I, Chiantella C, Messiaen G, Nadalini JB, Hori M, Hamaguchi M, Pouvreau S, Roque d’Orbcastel E, Tremblay R

Trophic environments influence size at metamorphosis and recruitment performance of the Pacific oyster

Prepress abstract


M 12667

Rohner CEMPCA, Pierce SJ, Robinson DP, Jaidah MY, Bach SS, Trueman CN

Limited latitudinal ranging of juvenile whale sharks in the Western Indian Ocean suggests the existence of regional management units

Prepress abstract


M 12670

Frankenbach S, Schmidt W, Frommlet JC, Serôdio J

Photoinactivation, repair and the motility-physiology trade-off in microphytobenthos

Prepress abstract


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