Marine Ecology Progress Series

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Composition of a Lutjanid larva and some potential prey and predators. Images are not to scale. Image: Kelia E. Axler

Latest advances in research on fish early life stages
The study of early developmental stages of fish has been pivotal in promoting interdisciplinary marine sciences, linking physical oceanographic, fisheries and conservation science. Building on the 43rd Annual Larval Fish Conference hosted in Mallorca (Spain) in May 2019, this Theme Section assembles original research articles, opinion pieces, short notes and reviews highlighting recent advances in the study of the early life stages of fish. Contributions will target a wide range of topics ranging from the application of new high-throughput analytical techniques to theoretical and quantitative advances in fundamental processes at the cellular to ecosystem levels (molecular and behavioural ecology, physiology, growth/mortality, trophodynamics), to practical and operational management applications.


Organizers: Ignacio A. Catalán, Patricia Reglero, Itziar Álvarez


Editors: Rebecca Asch, Ignacio A. Catalán, Jana Davis, Susana Garrido, Franz Mueter, Pilar Olivar, Myron Peck


Status: Submissions are now closed


Individual Theme Section articles are published 'Advance View' as soon as they are ready. Once the Theme Section is completed, they will be fully published in a regular volume of MEPS and given a volume number and page range. Theme Section literature cites within the articles will also be updated.