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Correction policy


If significant errors are found in an article after publication, Inter-Research will replace the online pdf with an amended version bearing a brief description of the change(s), and where appropriate a link to a Corrigendum or Erratum that gives a detailed list of changes. In journals that are also printed, this Corrigendum or Erratum will appear in the next available issue.




Current and future articles show the Crossmark logo and hyperlink on the abstract page and on the pdf. Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative from Crossref to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current version of a piece of content. By applying the Crossmark logo, Inter-Research is committing to maintaining the content it publishes, and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur. Clicking on the Crossmark logo will tell you the current status of a document, and may also give you additional publication record information about the document. The content that will have the CrossMark logo is restricted to current and future journal content