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Comparison of the Growth and Toxicity Responses between a Non-Toxic and a Toxic Strain of Prorocentrum hoffmannianum

Thomas Chun-Hung Lee, Ping-Lung Chan, Steven Jingliang Xu, Fred Wang-Fat Lee*

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: We aimed to study the growth and toxicity responses of a non-toxic (CCMP683) and a toxic (CCMP2804) strain of Prorocentrum hoffmannianum under various nitrate and phosphate concentrations. The two strains were cultured in L1-Si medium with standard, depleted, or 10-fold repleted nitrate or phosphate. CCMP683 cultured in standard L1-Si medium exhibited a delayed growth. Nitrate or phosphate depletion decreased the cell density of both strains. Repletion of nitrate slightly increased the cell density of both strains. Repletion of phosphate also slightly increased the cell density of CCMP2804 but surprisingly decreased the cell density of CCMP683. Okadaic acid (OA) and its derivatives were not detected in CCMP683. Only OA was detected in CCMP2804. Depletion of nitrate or phosphate increased cellular concentration of OA and repletion of nitrate or phosphate had no effect on the cellular concentration of OA. Correlation analysis indicated that the cellular concentration of OA was negatively correlated with cell density. The differences in the growth response to phosphate repletion and in the ability to produce OA suggested that the two strains may be instrumental in comparative studies related to phosphate metabolism and OA toxicity.