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Impact of Climate Change on Health: Adaptation Challenges in Queensland, Australia

Redwanur Rahman*, Habib Zafarullah

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: The purpose of the article is to explore the imapct of climate change on human health and the environment in Australia, in general, and the state of Queensland, in particular. It evaluates health-related services, adaptation challenges in the health sector and indicates possible remedies. The scientific consensus on the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is convincing. Climate change will have potential devastating health effects including increased morbidity, mortality, and injury in the near future. Its impacts are unevenly distributed among geographical regions and population groups. The elderly, children, chronically ill, and economically disadvantaged segments of the populations are more vulnerable than others. Adaptation is a valuable input at minimizing the climatic effects on human health and the mechanisms involve various societal, cultural, economic, political, environmental, informational and technological challenges, which need to be addressed rigorously and cautiously. Developing and designing appropriate health care systems to meet the adaptation challenges are also equally important in reducing the health effects of climatic variability and change. There is an increased need for information, monitoring, and surveillance about the climatic impacts on human health and the need for building institutional capacity, social and human capital, leadership, communication, partnership as well as promoting stakeholders’ engagement in the adaptation processes to ensure success.