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Evaluation of net shortwave radiation over China with a regional climate model

Xin Liu, Yanming Kang, Qiong Liu, Zijia Guo, Yonghang Chen*, Dizhi Huang, Chunmei Chen, Hua Zhang

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: The regional climate model RegCM version 4.6 developed by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Reanalysis was used to simulate the radiation budget over China. CERES satellite data were utilized to evaluate the simulation results, including four radiative components: the net shortwave radiations (NSW) at the surface of the Earth and top of the atmosphere (TOA) under all-sky and clear-sky conditions. The performance of the model for the low-value area of NSW was found to be superior to that for the high-value area. The NSW at the surface and TOA under all-sky condition was significantly underestimated, and the spatial distribution of the bias were negative in the north and positive in the south bounded by 25° N from the annual and seasonal averaged difference maps. Compared with the all-sky condition, the simulation effect under clear-sky was significantly better, which indicated that the cloud fraction was the key factor affecting the accuracy of the simulation. In particular, the bias of the TOA NSW under clear-sky was less than ±10 W·m-2 in the eastern areas. The performance of the model was better over the eastern monsoon region in winter and autumn for surface NSW under clear-sky condition, which may be related to different levels of air pollution during each season. Among the three areas, the regional average biases overall were the largest over the Qinghai-Tibet alpine region, which were negative, and were the smallest over the eastern monsoon region.