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Climate change-sustainable agriculture-farm livelihood nexus: contextualizing climate smart agriculture

Usha Das*, M. A. Ansari

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: Climate change is an inherent and indispensable component of global development affair and deliberations on food security and sustainable farm livelihoods. This article attempts to highlight the key issues with climate change, and propounds an approach to upscale holistic and appropriate Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). The review addresses the climate change impact and intricacies of farm livelihoods, vulnerability and adaptation strategies. Preordained holistic strategies such as CSA can curtail widespread detrimental effect of climate change on farm households, farm productivity and farm profitability through adaptation strategies. Consequently, the agriculture sector is being restructured, reformed and realigned to contextualize the climate change–sustainable agriculture–farm livelihood nexus. An exhaustive literature review exhorts a framework of how various types of CSA interventions (scientific technologies, indigenous technical knowledge [ITKs], institutional innovations and information and communication technologies [ICTs]) can help to accentuate sustainable livelihood outcomes. The implementation of this approach is driven by livelihood status of various strata of farmers, their vulnerability profile, resilience capacity and climate knowledge about contrasting rationales of climatic vagaries. Climate change is a global event with local visibility and that in the countries depending on agrarian economy, a balanced concoction of adaptation mechanisms to de-risk the vulnerable farm livelihoods and re-route them with unique re-alignment of smart interventions can become the ne plus ultra in climate proofing agriculture. The insights from the mentioned framework suggests conclusively about future course of action for circumventing adverse climatic impacts.