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Socio-economic, social-capital and psychological characteristics and climate change adaptive behavior of farmers in Iran

Abbas Mirzaei*, Hassan Azarm, Masoud Yazdanpanah, Mostafa Mardani Najafabadi

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: In the recent years, climate change in Iran has led to frequent droughts and reduction of available water resources. Iranian farmers are extremely vulnerable to unexpected drought. Despite the undesirable impacts of climate change on their vulnerability, they’ve not sufficiently used the adaptive strategies; accordingly, the current study investigated factors affecting farmers' choice of adaptive strategies so as to lessen the consequences of climate change in Iran. This study proposed a framework that covers household, farm, socio-economic, social capital, and psychological characteristics. For this aim, 366 farmers in Fars province, Iran were selected by multistage, stratified random sampling method; the data were collected through questionnaires during 2018-2019; considering adaptive strategies of changing crop varieties, crop patterns, and irrigation technologies, a multinomial logit model was used. The results showed that non-farm income and access to credit had significant and positive effect on adopting costly and efficient strategies, including changing crop varieties and irrigation technologies. Besides, the results indicated that when farmers actively participate in social groups, the beliefs and risk perception of climate change become stronger so that they would have more enthusiasm to take adaptive strategies. This finding revealed the effective role of social capital and farmers’ psychological characteristics in the adaptive behavior of farmers.