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When crop producers face dynamic climate risks in Ethiopia: exploring determinants behind choices of adaptation strategies

Sisay Belay Bedeke

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: Farmers in Ethiopia are frequently adopting different combinations of local adaptation strategies to fight against climate change and other economic stresses. This study contributes to the existing research by identifying determinants behind the choice of adaptation strategies in two districts of Ethiopia. Data on demographic, socio-economic and biophysical as well as adaptation strategies were collected through in-depth household survey using structured and semi-structured questionnaires. A multistage sampling technique was employed for selecting 340 households for the household interview. Data were analysed through the application of multinomial logistic regression model. Findings show that male-headed households who perceive climate change due to having access to weather information, delivered by extension agents are more likely to choose improved crop varieties compared to female-headed households. Such characteristics of farmers also significantly influence the choice of using crop diversification strategies, including mixed use of maize with legumes. Farmers who have large landholdings are less likely to diversify crop production and income strategies compared to farmers having less landholding. The results suggest that farmers can significantly contribute to local-based adaptation policy formulation and support resilience building. However, more socio-economic and institutional support for farmers in terms of research, innovation and awareness creation should be provided.