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Changes in morphometric parameters of lakes in different ecological zones of Mongolia: Implications of climate change

Altanbold Enkhbold, Li Dingjun, Byambabayar Ganbold, Gansukh Yadamsuren, Boldsaikhan Tsasanchimeg, Sandelger Dorligjav, Odkhuu Nyamsuren, Batsuren Dorjsuren, Tuvshin Gerelmaa, Batnyambuu Dashpurev, Rentsenduger Boldbayar, *

*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: The aim of this study is to determine the way recent climate change impacts the morphometric changes of lakes in various ecological zones of Mongolia. We studied 4 lakes located between 48-50° latitude as representative of other environmental zones of Mongolia and determined the correlation between the changes in these lakes' area, depth, volume, and climate variables. To analyze changes in the lake's morphometric parameter variation, we used Normalized difference water index, Trend analysis, Aridity index, and statistical analysis. According to the lake’s calculation, the area, depth and volume of the lake has decreased during the last 30 years. The trend analysis showed that the average air temperature value has significantly increased since 2000. Furthermore, the morphometric parameters of lakes were decreased for all the lakes with R2 = 0.023 to R2 = 0.457. This study shows that ongoing climate warming in Mongolia has increased intensively since 2000, which is directly affecting the lakes' morphometric parameters by reducing the area and volume of lakes. The calculation of the Aridity index proved that the degree of dryness was intense in the regions with high climate resources. The results presented in this article can help us understand the spatio-temporal patterns and causes of the lake's morphometric relation to climate change in Mongolia.