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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    First detection of Francisella halioticida in mussels Mytilus spp. experiencing mortalities in France

    Maud Charles*, Antonio Villalba, Gary Meyer, Suzanne Trancart, Coralie Lagy, Ismaƫl Bernard, Maryline Houssin

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: This note describes the first detection of the bacteria Francisella halioticida in mussels Mytilus spp. from locations in Normandy and northern Brittany (France) experiencing high mussel mortalities, while it was not detected in Bay of St Brieuc (N Brittany), which was not affected by abnormal mussel mortality. The distribution of the bacteria in mussels seems to be restricted within inflammatory granulomas as observed in Yesso scallops Mizuhopecten yessoensis from Canada and Japan. Francisella halioticida has been identified as being involved in mass (>80%) mortality of abalones Haliotis gigantea in Japan and high (up to 40%) mortality of Yesso scallops M. yessoensis in Canada as well as in lesions reducing marketability of Yesso scallops in Japan. The impact of this bacterium on the health of mussels needs to be investigated in future research, especially since the cause of high mussel mortalities that have been occurring in France for the past few years is still undetermined.