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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Negative impact on the reproductive potential of blue jack mackerel Trachurus picturatus by Kudoa infection of the ovary

    A. Neves*, I. Gordo, V. Sequeira, A. R. Vieira, E. Silva, F. Silva, A. M. Duarte, S. Mendes, R. Ganhão, M. C. Peleteiro, C. Assis, R. Rebelo, M. F. Magalhães, M. M. Gil, L. S. Gordo

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Reproduction of Trachurus picturatus in western Portuguese coast was studied over one year. During histological analyses, the presence of Kudoa sp. was detected on the advanced vitellogenic oocytes. Kudoa infections are known to cause economic loss through the induction of post-mortem liquefaction of fish muscles, but ovarian infection as reported in this study, will seriously affect the reproductive potential of the species and thus impact on fisheries productivity. Only females showed gonad infection which led to total degradation of the advance vitellogenic oocytes. No macroscopic nor somatic and condition indices revealed differences between infected and uninfected females, rendering to this infection event an unforeseeable suppression of reproduction.