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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Campylobacter pinnipediorum subsp. caledonicus and C. pinnipediorum subsp. pinnipediorum recovered from abscesses in pinnipeds

    Geoffrey Foster*, Johanna L. Baily, Fiona Howie, Andrew C. Brownlow, Jaap A. Wagenaar, Maarten J. Gilbert, William G. Miller, Barbara A. Byrne, Kristin A. Clothier, Todd Schmitt, Tony Patterson, Robert J. Reid, Mark P. Dagleish

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Campylobacter pinnipediorum was described recently for isolates recovered from pinnipeds. The novel species was further split into 2 subspecies based on host and geography, with C. pinnipediorum subsp. pinnipediorum recovered from otariid seals in California and C. pinnipediorum subsp. caledonicus recovered from phocid seals in Scotland. We report details of the infections of 7 pinnipeds from which C. pinnipediorum was isolated: C. pinnipediorum subsp. caledonicus was isolated from 2 harbour seals Phoca vitulina and a single grey seal Halichoerus grypus and C. pinnipediorum subsp. pinnipediorum isolates from California sea lions Zalophus californianus. Six of the isolates were recovered from samples collected at post-mortem investigation. In 2 of the Scottish seals and in three of the California seals, C. pinnipediorum was the sole bacterial isolate recovered from abscesses present and suggests they may have resulted from con- or intraspecific bite wounds.