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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Experimental challenge with Atlantic salmon Salmo salar using clones of Paramoeba perurans, P. pemaquidensis and Tetramitus sp

    Are Nylund, Martin Røed, Steffen Blindheim, Christiane Trösse, Linda Andersen

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Salmon gill disease in Norway is in most cases associated with a range of different pathogens, stress and environmental factors. Paramoeba perurans and other amoebae species have been isolated during such disease outbreaks. Amoebae isolated from salmon with gill disease in Norway have also included P. pemaquidensis, Tetramitus sp. and Vannella sp. Here we tested the pathogenicity of the first 2 species in challenge experiments. It is shown that even if clonal cultures of P. pemaquidensis may establish an infection on the gills of salmon, this fails to cause gill disease, while Tetramitus sp. appears to be unable to establish a lasting infection on the gills of healthy salmon. The result of the challenge with P. pemaquidensis confirms the results of similar studies performed in the USA and Australia. Tetramitus sp. is probably a common amoeba in the marine environment and the presence of it on the gills of farmed salmon may just be accidental findings. Based on this study, it is concluded that P. perurans is the only known amoeba in marine Norwegian salmon farming associated with amoebic gill disease.