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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Interspecies transmission of Edwardsiella ictaluri in Brazilian catfish (Pseudoplatystoma corruscans) from exotic invasive fish species

    Arthur Roberto da Costa, Diego Candido de Abreu, Roberta Torres Chideroli, Kauane Mileide de Souza do Espirito Santo, Daniela Dib Gonçalves, Giovana Wingeter Di Santis, Ulisses de Pádua Pereira*

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Infections caused by Edwardsiella ictaluri are one of the biggest problems for the catfish industry in North America and has been reported in other fishes around the world. An occurrence of E. ictaluri was detected in farmed pintado Pseudoplatystoma corruscans—a Brazilian catfish—juveniles in Paraná state. The diseased animals showed ascites and neurological signs, with more than 50% mortality. Some species susceptible to this bacterium are reported as invasive in the area. Also, we assessed the susceptibility of pintado to E. ictaluri in an experimental infection via intraperitoneal and immersion routes, as well as a cohabitation experiment with Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticu) and African walking catfish Clarias gariepinus, 2 exotic invasive species. All pintados challenged by intraperitoneal and immersion routes and cohabiting with infected C. gariepinus died within 17 d of the challenge. Nile tilapia had 71.42% mortality in the intraperitoneal challenge and 35.71% in immersion within 28 d, whereas African walking catfish showed zero mortality. Observed clinical signs were compatible with those in the farm and those described in the literature as enteric septicemia of catfish. With this, we demonstrated the susceptibility of P. corruscans to E. ictaluri, as well as interspecies transmission of this bacterium.