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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Teleost fish: a new spontaneous model for the study of Lambl's excrescences

    Davide Mugetti, Elena Colombino, Maria Teresa Capucchio*, Christian Salogni, Paolo Pastorino, Laura Chiappino, Alessandra Sereno, Marino Prearo, Franco Guarda

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Lambl’s excrescences (LE) are fibrous strands typically occurring at coaptation lines of cardiac valves. Although LE have been widely reported in human medicine, information on LE occurrence in veterinary medicine is still scarce. The present study aimed to investigate the presence of LE in different freshwater fish and in swordfish. A total of 185 hearts were collected from different fish species and samples of different cardiac areas (sinus venosus, atrial wall with sinoatrial valves, ventricular wall with atrioventricular valves and bulb with bulboventricular valves) were submitted to histopathological evaluation. LE were detected in 6/103 freshwater fish (5.8%) and in 19/82 swordfish (23.2%). LE developed in atrioventricular, sinoatrial and bulboventricular valves. All the affected valves also showed endocardiosis. Based on the results of the present work, teleost fish, specifically swordfish, could be proposed as a novel spontaneous model for the study of LE pathogenesis.