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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    The first confirmation of salmonid alphavirus infection in rainbow trout in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

    Vladimir Radosavljevic*, Adnan Jazic, Vesna Milicevic, Savic Bozidar, Almedina Zuko, Dimitrije Glisic, Jelena Maksimovic-Zoric, Niels Jørgen Olesen

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Sleeping disease is a highly infectious viral disease caused by the salmonid alphavirus subtype 2 (SAV2 FW), affecting mainly rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss farmed in freshwater. During March–May 2014, disease episodes with clinical signs of sleeping disease in rainbow trout fingerlings occurred almost simultaneously in 2 trout farms located in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia. The infection of rainbow trout with SAV2 FW in two farms were confirmed by virus isolation and molecular methods. This is the first isolation and molecular characterization of SAV2 FW in BiH and Serbia.