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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Molecular and morphological description of Ceratomyxa scophthalmi sp. nov. (Cnidaria, Myxozoa) infecting Scophthalmus maeoticus and first report of Myxidium finnmarchicum in the Black Sea

    Ahmet Özer*, Cem Tolga Gürkanlı, Sevilay Okkay, Yılmaz Çiftçi, Violetta Yurakhno

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: In the present study, two species of myxozoan parasites, the novel Ceratomyxa scophthalmi sp. nov. and Myxidium finnmarchicum were documented from the gallbladder of Scophthalmus maeoticus inhabiting the Turkish Black Sea coast at Sinop. Ceratomyxa scophthalmi sp. nov. had mostly spherical, clavate, and fine-grained polymorphic plasmodia that ranged in diameter from 16.0 to 29.0 µm. Spores were arcuate with a convex anterior margin and concave posterior. Valves of spores were highly elongated and unequal in thickness with one valve 1.1–1.3 times thicker than the other. Valves narrowed gradually toward slightly truncated ends. The mean dimensions of spores were 9.4 (8.5–10.0) µm in length and 49.6 (44.5–55.0) µm in thickness with polar capsules that were 3.1 (2.7–3.5) µm in length and 3.2 (2.7–3.5) µm in width. Polar filaments were coiled with 4−5 turns. Large numbers of immature forms of Ceratomyxa scophthalmi n. sp., which were often “crumpled” and mature forms were found together in the gallbladder bile. Along with morphological differences, phylogenetic analysis based on 18S rDNA, including pairwise nucleotide similarities with other related Ceratomyxa species, suggests Ceratomyxa scophthalmi as a novel species. This report of Myxidium finnmarchicum provides the first morphological and molecular descriptions outside of its original geographical location and type host species.