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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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    Intraerythrocytic Mycoplasma-like organism diagnosed ultrastructurally as an agent of anaemia in laboratory-reared cyprinid hybrids

    I. Dyková*, M. Palíková, L. Vetešník

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: A study targeting the etiology of severe anaemia that sporadically occurred in laboratory-bred cyprinid hybrids resulted in a diagnosis of a Mycoplasma-like organism selectively invading the cytoplasm of erythrocytes. Despite the fact that there was a concurrent yeast infection in moribund anaemic hybrids, the primary role in the development of anaemia was assigned to the Mycoplasma-like organism due to its regular occurrence in erythrocytes of both the moribund hybrids and hybrids that were free of yeast infection yet showed early to advanced symptoms of the disease. Novel data on the Mycoplasma-like organism’s cytoskeleton were obtained from ultrathin sections of affected erythrocytes. An ultrastructural study of the concurrent yeast infection in moribund hybrids manifesting the most advanced anaemia revealed the presence of Titan cells in ascitic fluid. The original findings presented in this study underline the diagnostic relevance of transmission electron microscopy in the research of similar infections.