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Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

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    Neurosurgical Robots and Ethical Challenges to Medicine

    Arthur Saniotis*, Maciej Henneberg

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Over the last twenty years neurosurgical robots have been increasingly assisting in neurosurgical procedures. Surgical robots are considered to have noticeable advantages over humans such as reduction of procedure time, surgical dexterity, incapable of experiencing fatigue, and improved healthcare outcomes. In recent years neurosurgical robots have been developed to perform various procedures. Public demand is informing the direction of neurosurgery which is placing greater pressure for neurosurgeons to use neurosurgical robots. Increasing diversity and sophistication of neurosurgical robots have received ethical scrutiny due to surgical complications that may arise as well as the role of robots in the future. In this paper, we address 3 ethical areas regarding neurosurgical robots: Loss of neurosurgical skills due to increasing dependency on robots; How far do we want to go with neurosurgical robots?; Neurosurgical robots and conflict of interest and medical bias.