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Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

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    Ecotheology: environmental ethical view in water spring protection

    Ali Maksum*, Abdul Rachman Sopyan, Agus Indiyanto, Esa Nur Wahyuni

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Ecotheology involves the fundamental awareness of local communities and their social solidarity to protect the sustainability of nature. Therefore, it is critical to address the problem of nature caused by increasing tourism industry development. This article discusses the social movements sparked by religious and critical awareness of the development issue in conservation zones. This study employed a qualitative participatory interview with nine key actors using an ecotheology approach. Group discussions were conducted with the participants in each demonstration, festival, and ritual. This research found that individuals who rely only on water springs have significant connections to ecological and spiritual values, and they will react with their cultural capital when the government's actions threaten the sustainability of water springs. Environtmental ethics as theological belief has led the community's tradition and cultural traits. Thus, the current study serves as the basis for policymakers in planning development, prioritizing a cultural approach, and considering the possibility of environmental degradation.