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Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics

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    Public beliefs and perceptions related to ecofascism

    Zoe Gareiou, Sofia Giannarou, Efi Drimili, Leonidas Vatikiotis, Efthimios Zervas*

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: The concept of ecofascism describes the distortion of ecology for the purpose of gaining greater and wider audience, popularising ideologies and fulfilling xenophobic and nationalistic goals by regimes such as the far-right agenda and the radical ecological groups. This study investigates the issue of ecofascism in Europe, using the example of Greece, by examining the views of the citizens of Greece on the links between the political parties and ecology and environment. The survey was conducted in Greece, using 600 questionnaires on ecofascism, politics and ecological issues. The survey showed that, the sample has, in general, humanistic, democratic and quite left-wing ideals. However, a part of the respondents indicated nationalistic, even fascist, trends. Because the current socio-economic and political conditions in Europe can fuel an outbreak of fascism, we should be very cautious about these findings, due to the growing impact of far-right ideas on society, revealing that some aspects of the ecofascist rhetoric still continue to mislead, revealing the sly and worrying penetration of fascism in the Greek society on the pretext of the protection of the Greek environment.