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Aquaculture Environment Interactions

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    Developing payment for ecosystem service schemes for coastal aquaculture in southwestern Taiwan

    Jyun-Long Chen, Yao-Jen Hsiao*, Ching-Ta Chuang

    *Corresponding author:

    ABSTRACT: Taiwan’s aquaculture farms are mostly established along intertidal zones and coastal land areas, which may affect coastal ecosystems and their ecosystem services (ESs). Payments for ecosystem services (PES) represents a potential method of enhancing the provision of ESs for coastal aquaculture; thus, their feasibility should be discussed. This study focused on southwestern Taiwan, and focus group interviews were conducted to identify issues and collect information about coastal aquaculture. In addition, we developed a PES framework for coastal aquaculture based on our findings. The identification of ES and the inclusion of a market design (e.g., pricing, incentive, and conditionality) in a PES scheme might be key factors for successfully transforming aquaculture into an ecosystem service provider. PES schemes could be applied to coastal oyster farming in Taiwan, and coastal oyster farmers who adopt eco-friendly aquaculture should receive subsidies to secure revenues. The findings presented here will provide important reference information for policy makers and managers to design a feasible PES scheme for coastal resource management.