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Correction to ESR 40:17-29 (2019) - DOI:

Correction to ESR 40:17-29 (2019) - DOI:

Behavior, growth, and survivorship of laboratory-reared juvenile gopher tortoises following hard release


Thomas A. Radzio*, Nicholas J. Blase, James A. Cox, David K. Delaney, Michael P. O’Connor


*Corresponding author:


October 8, 2019:


In Section 2.9 on page 21, the text ‘...; in order for values to sum to 100%, we added 0.05% to each bimonthly period’ was corrected to ‘..., we added 0.5% to each bimonthly period’.


In the Discussion, fifth paragraph, page 26, the second to fourth sentences were corrected to ‘Tuberville et al. (2015) documented 0.35 minimum first-year survivorship and 0.88 minimum second-year survival for gopher tortoises soft-released at 6–9 mo of age, and Wilson (1991) documented annual survival of about 0.45 for small wild juveniles (age = 1–4 yr). Based on these estimates, we would expect at least 9–18 of 58 hard-released individuals to be alive 2 yr later ([58 released animals x 0.35 minimum first-year survivorship] x 0.88 [or 0.45] second-year survival = at least 9–18 remaining individuals). Similarly, had we used first-year survivorship values for soft-released tortoises from Quinn et al. (2018; 0.46), we would expect at least 12–24 individuals to be alive 2 yr later.’


These changes did not alter the conclusions and have been implemented in the online pdf of the article. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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