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Aquatic Biology

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AB - Vol. 10, No. 2 - Table of contents

AB - Vol. 10, No. 2 - Table of contents

Aquat Biol (Print ISSN: 1864-7782; Online ISSN: 1864-7790)
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Orlova EL, Rudneva GB, Renaud PE, Eiane K, Savinov V, Yurko AS
Climate impacts on feeding and condition of capelin Mallotus villosus in the Barents Sea: evidence and mechanisms from a 30 year data set
AB 10:105-118 | Full text in pdf format

Loke LHL, Clews E, Low Ew, Belle CC, Todd PA, Eikaas HS, Ng PKL
Methods for sampling benthic macroinvertebrates in tropical lentic systems
AB 10:119-130 | Full text in pdf format

Haas AF, Wild C
Composition analysis of organic matter released by cosmopolitan coral reef-associated green algae
AB 10:131-138 | Full text in pdf format

Hindle AG, Rosen DAS, Trites AW
Swimming depth and ocean currents affect transit costs in Steller sea lions Eumetopias jubatus
AB 10:139-148 | Full text in pdf format

Mann D, Locascio J, Schärer M, Nemeth M, Appeldoorn R
Sound production by red hind Epinephelus guttatus in spatially segregated spawning aggregations
AB 10:149-154 | Full text in pdf format

Gharsallah IH, Vasconcelos P, Zamouri Langar N, Missaoui H
Reproductive cycle and biochemical composition of Hexaplex trunculus (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Bizerte lagoon, northern Tunisia
AB 10:155-166 | Full text in pdf format

Warden ML
Bycatch of wintering common and red-throated loons in gillnets off the USA Atlantic coast, 1996-2007
AB 10:167-180 | Full text in pdf format

Mallory ML, Karnovsky NJ, Gaston AJ, Hobson KA, Provencher JF, Forbes MR, Hunt GL Jr, Byers T, Dick TA
Temporal and spatial patterns in the diet of northern fulmars Fulmarus glacialis in the Canadian High Arctic
AB 10:181-191 | Full text in pdf format

Leitão A, Carvalho S, Ben-Hamadou R, Gaspar MB
Cytogenetics of Hediste diversicolor (Annelida: Polychaeta) and comparative karyological analysis within Nereididae
AB 10:193-200 | Full text in pdf format