Open Access

‘Gold’ and ‘Green’ Open Access


Inter-Research (IR) supports both the 'Gold' and 'Green' models of Open Access as follows:

(see definitions of terms below)


‘Gold’ Open Access


IR offers Gold Open Access under the Creative Commons by Attribution Licence (CC-BY).

Publication fees for open access depend on article length and range from €1300 to €1800. Feature Articles are published with Open Access at no cost to authors.


Full details of pricing for each journal are given in the links below:


'Hybrid' journals (Subscriber access with optional purchase of Open Access; articles not published with Open Access will become freely accessible to all users 5 years after publication)

Marine Ecology Progress Series

Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Climate Research


Fully Open Access journals (purchasing Open Access is mandatory; at the present time ESEP is free of charge)

Aquatic Biology

Aquaculture Environment Interactions

Endangered Species Research

Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics



‘Green’ Open Access (Author self-archiving)


Preprints may be posted on the Author's personal or institutional website, deposited into their institutional open access repository, or posted on a preprint server, at any time.


Postprints may be posted on the Author's personal or institutional website any time after acceptance of the article for publication by IR. Postprints of articles published with 'Gold' Open Access may be deposited in the Author's institutional Open Access repository at any time. Postprints of articles published without 'Gold' Open Access may be deposited 12 months after publication, subject to the following exceptions:

PubMed: Authors whose funders mandate deposition in PubMed may deposit the Postprint 6 months after publication;

Deposition of the (peer-reviewed) Postprint into institutional repositories that are licensed by the authors before manuscript acceptance and transfer of copyright to Inter-Research: Authors who are mandated by their universities to license the deposition of the Postprint into their institutional repository within the 12 month embargo period must return the University's official "Addendum to Publication Agreement" (for each author affected) with the completed IR manuscript Acceptance Form and obtain IR's agreement to the Addendum.


Publisher's PDF may be posted on the Author's personal or institutional website or deposited into the Author's institutional Open Access repository any time after publication only if the article is published with 'Gold' Open Access. For other articles, the Publisher’s PDF may be posted or deposited once the article becomes Free Access, 5 years after publication.


In all cases, the article on a website or in the repository must have a link to its abstract page on the Inter-Research website, and cite the article doi.


Summary of permitted self-archiving




  • 'Gold' Open Access = article published by publisher with free availability to all users; available from IR as Open Access (or formerly Free Access).
  • 'Green' Open Access = Author self-archiving in Open-Access institutional repository or on their personal or institutional website, in parallel to publication by the publisher.
  • Postprint = the author-generated version of the manuscript accepted for publication and sent to the publisher for production (i.e. includes the corrections made during peer review, but excludes corrections and enhancements made by the publisher's sub-editors, copy-editors, graphic designers, and web-services).
  • Preprint = the manuscript version initially submitted to the journal for review (before peer-review).
  • Publisher's PDF = final professionally typeset article published by the publisher.