AME - Vol. 09, No. 2 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
Copyright © 1995 Inter-Research
Published August 31

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Elser JJ, Stabler LB, Hassett RP
Nutrient limitation of bacterial growth and rates of bacterivory in lakes and oceans: a comparative study
AME 9:105-110 | Full text in pdf format

Müller-Niklas G, Heissenberger A, Puskaríc S, Herndl GJ
Ultraviolet-B radiation and bacterial metabolism in coastal waters
AME 9:111-116 | Full text in pdf format

Raghukumar S, Sathe-Pathak V, Sharma S, Raghukumar C
Thraustochytrid and fungal component of marine detritus. III. Field studies on decomposition of leaves of the mangrove Rhizophora apiculata
AME 9:117-125 | Full text in pdf format

Van Wambeke F
Fate of Phaeodactylum tricornutum and nitrogen flow in an experimental microbial food web limited at the top by protozoans
AME 9:127-136 | Full text in pdf format

Christaki U, Van Wambeke F
Simulated phytoplankton bloom input in top-down manipulated microcosms: comparative effect of zooflagellates, ciliates and copepods
AME 9:137-147 | Full text in pdf format

Kim YO, Taniguchi A
Excystment of the oligotrich ciliate Strombidium conicum
AME 9:149-156 | Full text in pdf format

Nakamura Y, Suzuki S, Hiromi J
Growth and grazing of a naked heterotrophic dinoflagellate, Gyrodinium dominans
AME 9:157-164 | Full text in pdf format

Roff JC, Turner JT, Webber MK, Hopcroft RR
Bacterivory by tropical copepod nauplii: extent and possible significance
AME 9:165-175 | Full text in pdf format

Maestrini SY, Berland BR, Grzebyk D, Spanò AM
Dinophysis spp. cells concentrated from nature for experimental purposes, using size fractionation and reverse migration
AME 9:177-182 | Full text in pdf format

Berland BR, Maestrini SY, Grzebyk D
Observations on possible life cycle stages of the dinoflagellates Dinophysis cf. acuminata, Dinophysis acuta and Dinophysis pavillardi
AME 9:183-189 | Full text in pdf format

Berland BR, Maestrini SY, Grzebyk D, Thomas P
Recent aspects of nutrition in the dinoflagellate Dinophysis cf. acuminata
AME 9:191-198 | Full text in pdf format

Subba Rao DV
Life cycle and reproduction of the dinoflagellate Dinophysis norvegica
AME 9:199-201 | Full text in pdf format