AME - Vol. 16, No. 2 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
Copyright © 1998 Inter-Research
Published November 27

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Sahlsten E
Seasonal abundance in Skagerrak-Kattegat coastal waters and host specificity of viruses infecting the marine photosynthetic flagellate Micromonas pusilla
AME 16:103-108 | Full text in pdf format

Hopkinson CS Jr, Giblin AE, Garritt RH, Tucker J, Hullar MAJ
Influence of the benthos on growth of planktonic estuarine bacteria
AME 16:109-118 | Full text in pdf format

Simon M, Wünsch C
Temperature control of bacterioplankton growth in a temperate large lake
AME 16:119-130 | Full text in pdf format

Romaní AM, Sabater S
A stromatolitic cyanobacterial crust in a Mediterranean stream optimizes organic matter use
AME 16:131-141 | Full text in pdf format

Romaní AM, Butturini A, Sabater F, Sabater S
Heterotrophic metabolism in a forest stream sediment: surface versus subsurface zones
AME 16:143-151 | Full text in pdf format

Nakano S, Ishii N, Manage PM, Kawabata Z
Trophic roles of heterotrophic nanoflagellates and ciliates among planktonic organisms in a hypereutrophic pond
AME 16:153-161 | Full text in pdf format

Wickham S, Carstens M
Effects of ultraviolet-B radiation on two arctic microbial food webs
AME 16:163-171 | Full text in pdf format

Lessard EJ, Murrell MC
Microzooplankton herbivory and phytoplankton growth in the northwestern Sargasso Sea
AME 16:173-188 | Full text in pdf format

Laurion I, Lean DRS, Vincent WF
UVB effects on a plankton community: results from a large-scale enclosure assay
AME 16:189-198 | Full text in pdf format


Norton TA, Thompson RC, Pope J, Veltkamp CJ, Banks B, Howard CV, Hawkins SJ
Using confocal laser scanning microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and phase contrast light microscopy to examine marine biofilms
AME 16:199-204 | Full text in pdf format